My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

(This is also posted on Wattpad under Don't Leave Me so if you see it on there that's why.)


25. Remembering Last Night.

I smile to myself and slip on my converse. Hunter said he wanted to talk to me too, but I have a feeling Tyson doesn't want me to be there for their... um... conversation...

I try to remember last night, I can't remember anything. Aside from singing a One Direction song with the girls I can't remember anything. The world just kinda went fuzzy.

I get up and walk into the middle room. The one empty bunk that was Hunter's makes me frown. He didn't seem so mean, he came off as sweet and caring.

I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover.

"Hey, you're awake." Harry says as he launches himself off the ladder from his bunk and onto the floor.

"Yeah, I could say the same for you!" I say laughing.

"We have a preposition for you." Joshua says.

"Go on...?" I say slowly.

"We all want to be in the same cabin next week, would you consider staying here with us?" Jeremy asks.

Oh, I forgot about switching cabins. "Yeah, that sounds great!"

"What sounds great?" Tyson appears next to me and wraps his arms around my waist. He kisses my forehead and I smile.

"We're thinking of staying in the same cabin for next week. You up for it?" Harry asks. He smirks like this is all some joke. It better not be...

"Heck yeah I'm up for it. Would Polaroid and Dundee be in here too?" Tyson says smiling.

"We could request them." Jeremy says.

Tyson nods. I smile, knowing I get to spend next week with these crazy guys again.

"Let's go to the mess hall!" Polaroid calls to us.

Tyson lets go of me but soon I find our hands linked together.

"What's up with everyone today?" Joshua asks. I look around, people are staring at us... sometimes people do considering I'm the only girl in a cabin with now four other guys.

"I dunno." I say. I look up to the Ga-Ga Pit and see Hunter sitting on the wooden planks used as a ring.

He smirks at me and I squeeze Tyson's hand. The way he's looking at me makes me feel uneasy.

"Go inside, I'll talk to him and then I'll sit down with you, okay?" He says to me.

"Okay, don't fight, please?" I stand on my tip-toes and kiss his cheek.

"Okay, I promise." He tells me smiling. He's giving me the cute little grin that he only gets after I do something like that.

I let go of his hand and walk into the mess hall. Jeremy, Joshua, and Harry are laughing at a crude joke or something by the time I sit down with my bowl of cereal and apple.

"Where's your boyfriend?" Harry asks smiling.

I blush. "Talking with Hunter."

All of their smiles fall. I sigh and shrug. "Do any of you know what happened to me last night? I know it sounds vague but-"

"You don't know?" Joshua cuts in laughing. He looks like he can't believe that I don't know. He looks between Jeremy and Harry. What happened that's so amazing I should know?

Well, maybe for the fact that it happened to me.

"Hunter gave you a soda, remember?" Harry says.

"No, um... I uh, I don't rememb-"

It all comes back. Hard.

"That's what makes you beautiful!" We chorus. I can't help but laugh at how pathetic we are.


I turn away from the girls and am in shock and disbelief when I see Hunter smiling at me.

"Hi Hunter." Carrie says smiling. I feel pity for her, later I'd tell her the truth about him.

"Hi." I say in a quick breath.

"Here, I got this for you," he says softly. He holds out a Dixie cup I've seen half the people here walking around with.

"Thanks," I say. I take a sip, the concoction taste like cherry soda and... there's something else but I can't put my finger on it.

"Hey listen, uh, I wanted to say I'm sorry. To you, and to Tyson." Hunter says. He rubs the back of his head and looks at the floor.

I start to feel dizzy and I stand up straighter to regain my balance. I take another drink thinking I'm dehydrated.

"Um, could you have Tyson talk to me tomorrow morning? During breakfast at the Ga-Ga pit?" He asks.

My head starts spinning and I nod. What happened to the world?

"Are you okay?" Hunter asks smiling.

I shake my head. "I feel... dizzy..."

He smiles brighter. "Good."

He leaves. I need to find Tyson. Something isn't right, something isn't right...

My mind is slowed down and when I find Tyson sitting alone on a bench I'm smiling and laughing at myself.

"Hey, there you are!" Tyson says. His eyes light up and he smiles.

"Hi ya," I say. My voice is slowed down.

I lean my head onto his shoulder and I feel myself fall asleep.

"He gave me something? Didn't he? Hunter?" I ask in disbelief.

The guys nod and I feel my face flush. I get up and stalk outside.

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