My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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35. Recording.

~~"Last night was SO much fun!" Carrie says hugging me. I smile and try to balance myself from falling over. The paper that I was scribbling down lyrics on is now probably crushed, but I can't help but get the happy vibe my friends is giving me.

"Yeah, I thought everyone was amazing." I agree. I sneak a glance at Tyson and he winks at me. I blush and look away, for the fact that he sang 'I for You' for me last night still makes the butterflies in my stomach flutter uncontrollably.

"I think you should sing something for the final CD. We all have something on there except for you. You too, Tyson! You guys need to put something on there!" Carrie whines.

My eyes widen a bit and I laugh. In all honesty, I forgot about the final CD. It's basically a bunch of recordings from everyone in Rock Star.

"What do I sing?" I asked.

"All-American Rejects." Carrie and Tyson spit out. I laugh and shake my head. Last night, Carrie witnessed me freaking out over the song Tyson chose. I was a huge fan of the band, yes, but I felt if I recorded one of their songs I wouldn't be good enough. Call it whatever you want, but Tyson Ritter's voice is beautiful and I love it.

"Sing 'Gives You Hell'. Everyone loves that song." Tyson tells me. He nudges me with his elbow and I bite my lip.

"Oh, some guy on The Voice did a really good cover of that! Sing his version!" Carrie says smiling. She grabs my wrist and gives me what I've come to know as her puppy dog face. I couldn't stand it and I sighed, giving in.

"Ahh! This will be so much fun! Polaroid! Scarlett's going to record!" Carrie drags me up with her when she stands up, I look to Tyson for help but he only smiles and waves at me.

Polaroid smiles and leads me into a small gray room, there's a computer and about two or three mics. There's a headset on two of them and one lying by the computer. Polaroid slips that one on his head and asks me which song I want to cover.

I nervously tell him, I know the guy that did the cover on The Voice (Joe Kirkland) and can easily match the sytle he sings. I watch as Polaroid types a few things into the computer and the next thing I know, I can hear the intro to 'Gives You Hell' flow through my headphones.

I close my eyes as I smile and start to sway a little like Tyson Ritter in the Performance Version of the music video. I belt the lyrics out and smile to myself. This is probably the most fun I've had here in a long time.

I open my eyes again mid-song and see about half of Rock Star watching me through the sound-proof glass that is protecting me. I smile and sing louder, dance more, put more effort into this. I get a few laughs out of everyone. Even Jeremy cracked a smile.

But my favorite response, is Tyson with his hand covering his mouth, laughing uncontrollably and rolling his eyes at me.

I think I love him.


(Tyson's point of view)

"Are you good to go?" Ace asks me.

I tear my eyes away from the dancing Scarlett and look at him surprised, I didn't know he was there. When did he get there?

"To record?" Ace clarifies.

"Oh, yeah, uh," I glance back at Scarlett and she smiles. "Yeah, sure." I'm recording 'Scene One- James Dean and Audrey Hepburn' by Sleeping With Sirens for my song. Again, it's for Scarlett but I can't help but sing it for her.

I follow Ace into another recording room and find an acoustic guitar already waiting for me.

"Had a feeling you needed this one." He tells me. It's the guitar Scarlett played with the first night and I find myself smiling. I care about her way too much, but surprisingly, I'm okay with that.

I sit down on a wooden stool and slip on the headphones dangling from the microphone. Ace types in a few things onto his computer and then gives me a thumbs up. I nod and start to play, I can hear Scarlett in the other room and I smile.

After I record the song, I watch as Ace spruces it up. I want to be in the recording business when I'm older, so this stuff amazes me.

"You really like her, don't you?" Ace asks me.

"Hm?" I ask. I look at him from the screen and see he's smiling at me.

"Scarlett. You like her, huh?"

"Oh. Well, yeah I mean, how could you not?"

Ace laughs at me and finishes the song. We walk outside and I see everyone leaving for lunch. Scarlett is in the back scanning everyone ahead of her, probably for me. I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. I kiss her cheek and she starts to giggle.

"Hey you two, let's go." Polaroid says smiling. He holds the door open for us and we step outside, there's a giant raid going on right now, so Scarlett and I point and laugh at people getting attacked with water ballons and shaving creme.

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