My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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20. Miss Pali.

The day flew by in a flash. Tyson and I rehearsed a new song we decided on, 'Just By Being You (Halo and Wings)' by Steel Magnolia. We felt like it was a more heart felt song and would be an overall better song to sing.

Plus, we were told that we could sing a song by ourselves too, so Tyson and I went over all the possible outcomes. He chose 'Trouble Is' by Charlie Worsham and I chose 'Clarity' by Zedd.

We both took the afternoon activities together, and then hung out in the cabin going over our songs we'd be singing. Polaroid came in and told us that we needed to get ready for the evening activity- Miss Pali.

"What's Miss Pali?" I asked. I sat up from laying on the floor, Tyson explained how some of the male councilors would dress up as girls and had to participate in a fashion show/run way model thing and two would be chosen in first and second place.

"Seems legit." I said laughing. Polaroid said he was chosen for cabin five and I laughed even harder, that was Hero's cabin! Alexandra, Marcelene, and Carrie were in that cabin! I waited outside with Tyson while everyone got ready.

"We don't get to see the 'girl'," Tyson said, "the girls' dress him up and then we escort her and introduce her. You could probably do that, we get to write her bio too."

"Ooh, more creative writing!" I said sarcastically. Tyson shook his head smiling.

Everyone else came out and I found myself walking with Tyson to Cabin five. Once we got there, Polaroid was pulled into the cabin and Dundee said he had to go help set up. I waved goodbye and sat in the circle of guys.

"So, what's her name?" Jeremy asked.

"TAYLOR SWIFT!" Joshua exclaimed. He had just taken his allergy pills and was a laughing fit. I smiled at him and he laid back on the balcony singing 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' off key and loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

One of the girls popped her head out and told him to 'shut up!' in a very angry tone. I smiled apologetically and she rolled her eyes before going back inside.

"How about, Marissa Pali the Third?" I offered. They guys looked at me skeptically and I couldn't help but smile and shrug.


"So, what's your girls name?" Guvna asked me. The bright spot light hit me and I looked into the paper in my hands.

"Our girl, as referred to in her humble abode, is known as Miss Pali the thirteenth."

"Miss Pali?"

"The thirteenth."

Guvna shrugged and nodded for me to go on.

I smiled. "She spends her time roaming the camp in secrecy, usually taking the look of any other camper. She loves soft romantic music, and long walks by the pond. You can find her either playing Ga-Ga or in the Arts and Crafts area. Occasionally, hanging out with the Rock Star members. Taylor Swift and One Direction are her favorite singers and she has a passion for playing guitar. Which, she will be playing tonight."

"She's not dancing?" Guvna inquires.

"Nope," I point to Polaroid being handed the black guitar I played the first night. "Guitar and singing."

Guvna was shocked, but smiled and wished 'her' luck. I giggled as I ran back to the rest of the cabin with Tyson, and Hunter.

I sat down between Marcelene and Alexandra. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tyson sit opposite of Dundee. I sighed, he seemed to hate everyone in the cabin except for me and the councilors. Maybe it was because they didn't do anything when he and Hunter got into their fight. I still found it stupid to get in a fight over someone talking about you behind their back. I mean it had happened to me before, but it was no big deal.

As Polaroid started to sing a mash up of a few Taylor Swift songs (Anthem Lights 'Taylor Swift Mash-up') I let my mind wander. Just before I went up to talk about Miss Pali, there was almost another fight.

"So, who's going to introduce her?" Jubilee asked.

The guys pointed at me and I half raised my hand. Jubilee nodded. "Who's going to escort Miss Pali?"

Tyson raised his hand just as Hunter did. I felt my mouth drop into the shape of an 'O' and knew (I knew) something bad would happen. Hunter looked over at Tyson as if he was ready to kill, his fist clenched and Tyson narrowed his eyes.

No, please God, not tonight!

"They both will," I spat out quickly. Both of the guys looked at me and relaxed somewhat. Tyson offered me a small minuscule smile and I sent him a pleading look to control himself. Hunter ignored both of us and stared straight ahead as we walked Polaroid to the waiting room.

I walked with Tyson and Carrie to our spots where we'd watch the 'beauty pageant'.

I shook my head slightly and sent a silent prayer up wishing for Tyson and Hunter to settle their fights. I kept catching Hunter watching me and I had a feeling he wanted to get me alone and tlk about Tyson.

Infuriating thoughts continually ran through my mind, why was Hunter being like this? Why would he not give Tyson another chance? I would put money on it that Tyson would give Hunter another chance. Not today maybe, but soon. I could tell.

Polaroid stopped singing and I clapped along with the rest of the camp. A few more 'girls' went up and finally a winner was chosen. A councilor I think in charge of the Acting Academy (who went by the name of Cartoon) won first, Polaroid got second and I smiled.

A little while later I was walking with Tyson back to our cabin. The other guys were making fun of Polaroid's trying to sing like a girl, and the dress he wore.

"That was cool, I hope we do this again next week." I say. The stars and moon create a beautiful light and I look up to see thousand of random lights smile down at me.

"Yeah, I do too." He says. I glance over at him and smile seeing him already watching me. Before I know it, Tyson's hand is linked in with mine and the walk back to the cabin is way too short.

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