My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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18. Lasting Memories.

I woke up and the thought of Tyson kissing me immediately came to my mind. I buried my face in my pillow. What was I feeling, guilt? happiness?

I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and got up. I stretched and grabbed a coral tank top/shirt my mom got, a black tank top, and a pair of shorts. I slipped on my sneakers and went into my bathroom to get ready. I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for Tyson to ask if he can use the shower.

Why was I thinking about him so much? I mean, yeah we kissed. But a kiss is just a kiss. Nothing more. I sadly learned that the hard way.

I turn off the sink and smile to myself hearing the rest of the guys waking up. Harry's laughing at the joke Joshua made, I can almost see Jeremy shaking his head, and Hunter's in the bathroom taking a shower.

But where would Tyson be? I knew he was in the room with Polaroid and Dundee, but what was he doing? Rolling his eyes at the crude joke? Getting up and pulling whatever clean clothes he could find on?

Scarlett, you're driving yourself crazy. I told myself over and over again. I let my mind wander to the day ahead of me. Go to breakfast, Rock Star, lunch, evening activities, then the night activity thing. I'd have to ask one of the guys what tonight's would be, after poker night's fiasco my mind was spinning with who I should trust; Hunter or Tyson?

Hunter or Tyson? Tyson or Hunter? Why should I even care? At the end of the two weeks I'll never see them again.

I stopped and my heart froze. I wasn't going to see either of them after the two weeks. My head started spinning and I sat down on my bunk, I wasn't going to see them anymore.

I bit my trembling lip and forced the tears back. Why the hell was I so emotional? This is crazy, neither of them care about me like that. Do they? I only met them a few days ago, they can't. That's not right... could they?

I sighed and pulled out my makeup bag. I heard the guys continually joking and I rolled my eyes. They were getting obnoxious.

A chill ran down my spine and I reached for my sweater. I pulled it on and felt something in the pocket, I took it out and found Tyson's iPod in the palm of my hand. I thought he took it? Last night, didn't he put it in his pocket?

I tried to scan my mind for the memories of last night but I couldn't seem to find that memory. Oh well. I finished my makeup and decided to take the iPod back to Tyson. I got up and my sweater fell past my shorts, this is the reason I wear jeans.

I passed the middle cabin and no one noticed me. I walked into Tyson's cabin, he was sitting on his bunk so I knocked softly on the side wall. He looked up at me and I swear I saw him hide something.

"Hey," he smiled.

"Hi," I smiled back, "this is yours, I presume?" I held up the metal device and his smile faltered. He nodded and got up to take it back. "Is everything okay?"

"What? Oh, yeah. Just a little tired, I didn't get much sleep last night." He said. I nodded and watched as he went to take his iPod back to his bunk. He had changed into a green shirt and straight legged blue jeans.

"Your lip looks better." I say and lean against the door frame. He nods and watches me from his bunk. This 'conversation' is obviously going no where so I sigh and shake my head as I turn to go back to my end.

"Scarlett," Joshua says. I stop and look up at him, he smiles and I force myself to smile back.

(Tyson's point of view.)

"I don't know where they are," I hear Scarlett say.

I sigh and fall back onto my bunk. I reach for the piece of paper I've been re-reading for the past few months. Just a few simple words, and lyrics to a song:

Tyson, you know I like you. But, I'm sorry. I'm moving and it just won't work. I'll miss you. XO- Jennifer.

The lyrics to Charlie Worsham's 'Break What's Broken' were attached and every time I heard the song I thought of her.

Jennifer was my first girlfriend. I was in love with her, she didn't love me. She hated country music. It wasn't like her to pick Charlie Worsham out of all people, I knew she just clicked shuffle on the mix-CD I made her and it was a worthy song for her. That was totally like her.

But she reminded me of Scarlett. Every time I looked at Scarlett I saw Jennifer. I don't know if it was the eyes, or what. It hit me, their resemblance, when I was trying to sleep last night. When the thought jolted me awake I searched for the letter in the dark.

I don't know why I kept it, the corners were tearing, the page was soft from being folded and crumpled so many times. It was on plane lined paper. I've tried to throw it away so many times, forget about her. But it's hard. My heart still aches for her.

If that's so, then why did you kiss Scarlett?

Well... wait... why did I kiss Scarlett? Maddening thoughts started running through my mind, I crossed my arms over my eyes. This is why I hate dating. Or anything that involves it.

I open my eyes and see the bracelet Scarlett gave me, my heart warms and I remember why I kissed her. I like her; she's nice, sweet, and we have a lot in common. I needed to forget about Jennifer and move on.

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