My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

(This is also posted on Wattpad under Don't Leave Me so if you see it on there that's why.)


37. Last Night of Week One.

Tyson leads me to the overlook while the guys' go to the camp store and get ice cream. There's a long line outside, but Tyson and I don't want anything. The only edible stuff in there is junk food and soda, plus there's bracelets and some other stuff, but other than that there's not really anything.

It's about five o'clock, the sky is just starting to get darker and the stars are coming out. It's beautiful, and when you're on the overlook you can see the shining lights from the city just at the base of the mountain. The giant trees sway and dance in the little breeze, it's the last night here. For the first week, and I can't help but wish the week wouldn't be over.

"It's pretty, huh?" Tyson asks me.

"Yeah, it's gorgeous." I say softly. I sigh and he wraps his arm around my waist, I lean into his embrace and can smell his cologne.

"Tonight we have the showcase, it's going to be fun." He whispers to me.

"But it's the last night."

"So? We still get to laugh with everyone."

I smile slightly. He's right, but I still want more time here in this heaven created right before me. I'm never going to be ready to go home.

"Ty, Scarlett, let's go." Dundee calls to us. I follow the group to the stage and we sit down, Joshua is sitting next to me and (as always) has taken his medicine and is a little crazy right now. Tyson's on the other side of me and he keeps his arm slung around my waist.

The sky gets darker and lights behind us switch on. I rest my head on Tyson's shoulder and watch as more people slowly start to fill in the empty seats.

Guvna runs on stage and cheers slowly come to life. I smile as the Acting Academy go onstage with their theatrical preformance. They have a play based off of a Disney reality show. I find myself smiling the entire time and lean in to Tsyon.

After the acting group it's film, they play the five-to-ten minute movie clips they made and then it's the fashion group. They walk down a makeshift run way with their clothes that match the roaring 20's era.

To finish the night, Guvna playes the session video and I'm amazed when I see clips of myself singing the first day. I smile and single out the faces I knew, Harry, Joshua, Jeremy, me, Tyson, Carrie, Marcelene, Alexandrea, and a few others. I keep smiling when I see clips from Poker Night, the giant raid, Miss Pali, the list goes on and on.

I rest my head on Tyson's shoulder and close my eyes.

(Tyson's point of view.)

"She fell asleep! Draw on her with a Sharpie!" Harry says laughing. I carry Scarlett bridal-style into the cabin and roll my eyes at the immature group of teenagers infront of me.

I take Scarlett into her room and gently lay her down on her bed. She curls into a ball when I let go of her and I smile to myself. I kiss her cheek and go back to my bunk. I can hear the guys laughing at a joke Joshua messed up because he's still messed up because of his medication.

I smile and shake my head. They really aren't that bad. They're really cool if you give them a chance. I escape to the small bathroom after finding out my part of the cabin was free of councilors, where are they always going?

I shrug off the thought and take a shower. I change into my pj's and then climb into bed.

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