My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

(This is also posted on Wattpad under Don't Leave Me so if you see it on there that's why.)


16. Fight?!

Tyson hangs out with me for the entire time we're here. I was given about two hundred dollars in Monopoly money, but I doubt I'll play any games. It's way too crouched in there and I like being out in the night.

There's six chairs in a circle, Tyson and I hung out here earlier today when we were getting our lessons from Ace.

I look up into the night sky, the stars shine brighter than ever and the smell of pine tickles my nose. I loved it up here, I wish I could move. That'd be amazing. I'd live up here, new start, new friends.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Tyson's voice breaks my train of thought. I look at him and nod. I'm highly claustrophobic, when I have a panic attack I just need to go outside.

We keep taking for what seems like hours. Tyson turns his iPod up so loud his ear buds are mini speakers.

I'm singing Charlie Worsham's 'Someone Like Me' when Polaroid comes outside and tells us it's time to go. Tyson sighs and turns off his music, we walk around the Rock Star room so I avoid another attack. I'm happy and am slowly seeing a new side of Tyson.

I don't know why the first day he seemed a little distant, but after I sang 'Shame' he warmed up to me. He even told me about what happened between him and Hunter! I couldn't ask for more than that, could I?

We start walking to the front of the mess hall and see the other guys with Dundee. They're counting the money they made and a part of me cringes.

My dad used to gamble, a lot. He drank too, now I never talk to him. It's better that way though, at least... that's what I'm told.

"Scarlett, did you make anything?" Harry asks me.

"No," I pull my two hundred out of my sweater pocket, "I have this still."

He doesn't say anything, just eyes the folded up fifty dollar bills awkwardly. He takes them and thanks me before adding them to the pile.

"What about you, Ty?" Joshua asks.

Tyson pulls his two hundred out and hands it to them. We have a total of one thousand eighteen hundred dollars. It's a shock to me how much the guys made.

"Did you rig the games?" Hunter asked Jeremy.

"No dude, remember? He's from Vegas!" Joshua laughs. He throws his arm around Jeremy's neck and messes up his hair. As a little 'playful' fight occurs I hang back and go back to admiring the stars.

"They're beautiful, huh?" I look back in front of me and see a smirking Tyson.

I smile. Why is it I find myself more attracted to him? This can't be normal, but still I find myself thinking that I only have a crush on him. Nothing more. It cannot turn into something because in a week or so I'll be back home and so will Tyson.

"I don't have stars like this back home." I say. We walk back to the cabin together in silence. We don't say anything, just part ways and I go to my part of the cabin.

It must be around seven or eight, I'm tired. I rub my eyes as I grab a pair of PJ's and escape to my bathroom. The steam lulls me to sleep and I fight to stay awake.

I turn the water off and almost immediately hear shouting. I pause, maybe it's my half asleep imagination?


Nope. I frantically dry off and pull my pjs on then run over to the other sides of the cabin. Jeremy, Joshua, and Harry are worriedly watching Hunter and Tyson fight. Wait, why aren't they doing anything? Where's Polaroid and Dundee?

I rush in between Hunter as he lets out a string of cuss words at Tyson.

"What happened?" I ask.

"This jerk was talking shit about me!" Hunter says quickly. His eyes are trained on Tyson and he looks mad.

"No I wasn't!" Tyson defends.

"When?" I ask slowly. I've spent most of the day with Tyson, maybe Hunter would believe me.

"Right now, during poker night." Hunter says angrily.

"No, I was with him." I say. "We didn't talk about you."

Hunter's jaw clenches. He glares at Tyson then stalks off. What was his problem? And where the hell were the councilors?!

"Thank you," Tyson breathes. I turn around to face him and I gasp. His lip is busted and he looks bruised. Did Hunter do this? I take Tyson's hand and drag him to my bathroom. I make him stand by the sink while I run a wet paper towel over his bleeding lip.

"Hold this one on the cut," I tell him. I hand him a dry towel and he does as I tell him. I sit on the counter and watch him. "What happened?"

Tyson looked up at me, the spit in the sink and sighed. "He got pissed. Someone said I was talking shit about him and we got in a fight."

I feel bad. The guy I considered to be a friend just hurt my crush. I reach out and brush back a curl of his hair and tuck it behind his ear. I smile.

"What am I going to do with you?" I whispered.

Tyson smiled. He moved so he was standing between my legs and put his hands on my hips. I looked into the deep crystal clear blue eyes that bore into mine.

I closed my eyes as Tyson pressed his lips against mine.

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