My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

(This is also posted on Wattpad under Don't Leave Me so if you see it on there that's why.)


3. Confusions.

I went into the tent and saw a few tables set up with numbers ranging from one through eight. My head started spinning as I saw a long line of people, all of them glared at me and my breath faltered.

"Hey Miss, what cabin are you in?" An Australian accent asked me.

I looked up and immediately met the deep brown eyes of a guy a few years older than me. He smiled kindly and had a black bandana tied around his head.

"Cabin eighteen?" I said. My voice came out in a squeak and I cringed. I looked around to see if anyone had heard, to my dismay a few girls did and offered kind smiles.

Maybe camp won't be so bad, I thought, as long as everyone is as nice as this.

"Awesome! I'm one of your councilors, Polaroid." He said happily. His smile vanished, he looked me up and down then shook his head slightly. "Wait, I think there's a mix-up. You're a girl, you should be in a different cabin. I have all boys."

A knot formed in the base of my stomach and I grimaced. What would happen if they couldn't find another cabin for me? Would I have to go back home? Maybe stay with Polaroid in an all guy cabin? And who names their son Polaroid?!

"Hero! Come here for a second?" Polaroid called over his shoulder. A tall blonde with green eyes turned and walked over.

"You called?" She asked smiling.

"I think there's a mix-up. She's in my cabin," he paused to motion to me, "there's no way this will fly."

Hero bit her lip, looking from Polaroid to me. "She'll have to stay in your cabin for tonight at least. You only have, what, five kids this year? Not including... what's your name?"

"Mine?" I asked.

She nodded kindly. I could see in her eyes she was frantic trying to come up with a solution but was easily able to disguise it.


"Thanks. Not including Scarlett. She can have one whole side to herself, I think she'll be fine." Hero finished. Polaroid nodded and sent me to the station marked ONE. I answered some health questions and was measured in height and weight.

After that, Polaroid led me back to the cabin and told me which section was mine. I was told I had to take a swimming test so I put my guitar on a bunk bed and quickly changed into a bikini in the bathroom. Polaroid led me back to the front of the camp and I joined a few others in the swim test. I passed easily and then went (by myself) back to my cabin to change. I took my guitar back with me as I wandered back to the front of the camp. There was a huge field where people were laying around and talking. I sat down in a shady spot and pulled my guitar out.

I played Randy Houser's 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight'. I had a sheet of paper with the lyrics and chords printed on it so I was oblivious to the three girls who walked up to me.

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