all that matters

(for the song contest) when justin and his girlfriend,Tana, the actress, get into a big fight he has to prove she's all that matters to him.


1. the incident

Justin and I have been dating ever since i first moved here for my movie i have been recording for two years now. its a M. Night Shamylon movie. we have been inseparable since he showed up on set to talk to Selena but ended up with me. today is our 2 year anniversary and he is taking me out for dinner. i quickly took a shower and got into my short black skin tight dress and black stilettos. i then curled my long, deep brown hair, and put on a smokey eye makeup style. i looked at my mirror and looked at myself and thought "I've changed so much." before i could grab my purse my door bell was going off. i grabbed my phone and purse off my bed and, walking as quickly as i could, down the stairs. before i opened the door i took a deep breath. i opened the door and he was standing there wearing a tux and flowers. i smiled and invited him in while i set the roses down. i set them on my coffe table then told him i was ready to go. he put his arm around my waist and we walked out to his purple lambo. he opened the door and we bothed hopped in. "how does italian sound?" he asked. i smiled and replied "that would be wonderful." he pulled onto the highway and we arrived at a italian restaurant called 'ronde vou." yes the pap's were following us the whole way. we just ignored the flashes of the camera's and we walked into the restaurant and the waiter showed us to the table justin reserved. we both ordered spaghetti. "so your movie is almost done right?" Justin had asked me. i nodded and responded "yea. im gonna miss the cast." Justin said everything would be fine. He reached across the table and put his hand on mine. "so ummm...WAITER! champagne please." justin yelled. the waiter brought over some champagne. "anything else?" the waiter asked and justin shook his head no. "to us!" he said as he held his glass up to toast. he took a sip and so did i. i could feel his leg shaking under the table and he stared at me nervously. i took another drink nervously and seen a ring at the bottom of my glass. it had a big purple diamond on it.this is what the ring looks like         500 × 500 - . i took my fork and pulled the ring out. justin smile went from nervous to happy when he seen the expression on my face. i looked at the ring and smiled big. he took the ring from my hand and dried it off on a napkin. he then got on one knee and asked "will you marry me?" i cried of joy. The paparazzi that was hiding from us the whole time was now all in the window flashing their camera's. i nodded "yes!" i shouted between warm tears. he put the ring on my hand and hugged me. he paid for our food and said "alrighty we are going to our engagement party." i smiled and we got into the car and left to his house. everyone was already there. they all yelled congratulations when we walked in. justin put his arm around my shoulder and we started dancing to the music the d.j was playing. about halfway through the night me and justin started dancing in separate groups. i hadnt even seen him for actually 30 minutes. i walked into the kitchen to grab a soda out of the fridge. i slowly walked in there. but when i got into the kitchen justin was in there. he wasnt alone either. he was making out with selena. "justin?" i asked trying to hold back my tears. he turned around and tried to quickly explain with a shocked face. "tana look..." he said but i didnt want to hear it so i ran out crying. i ran all the way to my house. i got inside and went to my bed. i took off the heels and through tthem in the closet. i then turned over and started crying. 5 minutes later i heard my bedroom door open. scared i jumped was justin "babe listen...she came onto me i diddnt continue farther than a kiss though. i swear. " he explained. i calmed down enough to talk. "whatever justin i seen what i seen. its stupid. if you want ....want to be with her.....go ahead." justin walked over to the bed and sat down on the corner."NO!!!! i dont want to be with her. i want t be with you. i mean we are engaged." i stopped him right there and said "we WERE!" he looked disappointed in himself. i took off the ring and handed it back to him."what? no babe i want to be with you. trust me i dont want her. i dont want anything but you. thats because your all that matters to me." i looked at him and told him "FINE! if thats true than i will give you another chance but your gonna have to prove it to me." "so tana, will you marry me? again?" he asked getting on one knee again. "yes!" i said. he put the ring on my hand and pulled me closer to him. we hugged. then he looked at me and apologized. we then kissed and then made out.

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