all that matters

(for the song contest) when justin and his girlfriend,Tana, the actress, get into a big fight he has to prove she's all that matters to him.


2. proving the truth

the next morning i woke up and i was laying next to a naked justin. well its kind of obvious what had happened last night. i got out of bed and took a shower. i then changed into a short pink sun-dress. i straightened my hair and did a small waterfall braid on my right side. i did my makeup and then slipped on flip flops. i walked into the kitchen and made coffee. i grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge and a spoon from the drawer. i walked out to the living room and watched the news. " now we are going to a new story that will warm our hearts. Justin Bieber and Tanahala Hughes got engaged last night! here you go beliebers the video." then the woman showed the video of justin proposing. she then spoke again. "yes! the two are going to be husband and wife after their two year relationship. you know what im wondering what selena is thinking of all this? lets find out." they then brought out Selena. they asked her what her thoughts on this situation. considering what happened last night i was interested. "well kim i am actually happy for him. She is the nicest thing i have ever met." THING?! NOW IM A THING?! i was angry. furious even. i couldnt stop watching. she continued talking. "she is a cool person to work with. our movie comes out soon. im happy for him. she is also pretty. But as far as her, i think she could do better. last night at their engagement party me and justin met up in the kitchen. lets just say there was no talking." my face got real red. i could feel it. then on the screen Selena's phone went off. "oh thats Justin now." her face got really depressed. then shock. the news woman told her to read it aloud. she did "here's what the text says : Selena, i dont love you. i don't like you. all i want is her. Tana. im in her house now. sitting in HER bedroom. you almost broke up our engagement by forcing me to kiss you. yes i said FORCE because thats what you did. you took my head and when u seen her walk in you pulled me in not letting me go. so please, stop i want to be your friend. Tana thought you were friends but its not cool that u betrayed your guys friendship. i love tana and i want to spend the rest of my life with her. NOT YOU! GOODBYE!" she had read aloud the text. the news woman asked if the force was true. she nodded like she was disappointed in herself. i smirked. i turned the tv off and seen justin coming downstairs wearing white shorts and a black 'wife beater' tank. he was wearing vans, his hair was spiked, and was wearing sunglasses. he leaves some of his clothes here just in case these nights happen. "he babe."he said plopping down on the couch next to me. i seen his phone showed a new text from Selena going off on him. i could tell. he grabbed the remote and turned the t.v. on. "what is she doing? aw shoot!" he said. "i texted her this morning. were you just watching this?" i looked at him and gave him a hug. "i did." he told me every word he said was true.

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