Summer love

Isabelle was a normal flirtatious girl who lived life to the fullest. And then she met her brothers friend Adam. And everything changed.


6. What just Happend?

The fear was starting to disappear and anger was seeping in. Still though my lips were still unable to move as he was kissing me furiously. With his one hand he had pulled off my thong and was slipping his fingers in and out of me. I moaned in pleasure but the tears were seeping down my face. He slapped my face ordering me to shut up. I began to cry harder. I began to kick and try and move my arms. I wasint as strong as him. However I did kick him hard enough that he flinched. He slapped me again. Ordering me to stop. It was then that I had the strength to do what I couldint before. I screamed for help and he slapped me again. No one heard me.... He started calling me a whore saying that I wanted him. That I was an ugly bitch and that I was lucky to have him all over me. He started fumbling with his pants taking them off. I took this moment to try and get away. However he was quick and shoved me back onto the bed. He slid out his hard member and crawled over me. Shoving his dick in my mouth. I chocked and bit him. He yelled.

"Fine." He said angrily. He flipped me on onto my stomach, pushing my skirt up onto my hips and lifted my ass towards his member. I heard him spit and he shoved himself with one thrust into me. I yelped out. He reached over and choked me to shut up.

"Get off of her!" A heavenly voice yelled. My hero grabbed the colar of my rapist and pulled him off of me. I fell down onto the bed and started bawling even harder than I was before. Hearing behind me the sound of fist hitting face and head hitting ground. I was too shaked up to move and yell for my hero to stop. I curled up into a ball on the bed hugging the pillow. Soon it got quiet. I closed me eyes. Scared of what was going to happen next. Instead a light flashed onto me. I couldint see the holder of the light, however he slowly put my thong back on me pulled my skirt down and helped me put my shirt back on. He turned off the light and picked me up. Carrying me bridal style we exit the room. I look up to see Adam. Tears stream down my face and I bury my head in his chest. He gets upstairs and people just stare at us. I hear a commotion downstairs but ignore everything around me as I have my arms wrapped around Adam. We get outside and he sits down on the steps. Placing me on his lap. Without a word he takes out his phone and calls a cab. Five minutes later the cab shows up and I slowly crawl off of him and into the cab. The ride home was silent. He went to pay the cabbie as I slowly trudged towards the house. I unlocked the door and walked in. I waited for Adam to come in before closing the door. I walk down the hallway and turn to my left up the stairs. Soon I find myself on the floor in my room bawling. Warm arms wrap around me and lift me up. Lifting me onto my bed. I lay there shaking. Tears damping my pillow. Adam gets up to leave but I grab his arm.

"Please stay." I sob. I turn back onto my side with my back to him. He crawls in beside me and just holds me as I cry...

"What the Hell!?" I wake up to yelling. I turn back to go to sleep but my bed leans to one side. I look over to see Adam getting up from beside me. I look down to make sure I was fully clothed. I look up again to see Teddy standing angrily over us. "What the fuck! Did you bang my sister last night!"

"No! Dude you have it all wrong!"

"Teddy calm down! He didint touch me like that."

"Then why the hell is he in your bed!?" Thinking back to last night I begin to bawl. "What the hell did you do to her!"

"Not what I did! What someone else did!" Teddy takes a step back shocked.

"What?" Adam leads Teddy out of the room to let me calm down as he tells him the story. Soon enough Teddy runs into the bedroom and holds me tight. "I never should have let you go to that party."

I sniffle back my sobs and hug him back. "I'll be okay."

"No... We need to report this."

"I can't. I can't talk about it... Please don't make me."

"We have to. I'm sorry." I nod. "Now why was he in your bed again?"

"I was afraid to be alone. So I asked him to stay."

"Okay. Well thank you Adam for keeping my sister safe." Theodore leaves the room. And Adam follows suit.

"Adam?" He turns. "Thank you." He nods and closes the door behind him.

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