Summer love

Isabelle was a normal flirtatious girl who lived life to the fullest. And then she met her brothers friend Adam. And everything changed.


1. The door doesint freaken lock!

It was hot that day. The sun was at full peak and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Summer had arrived only weeks ago. Amber and I were in the box of her boyfriend’s 1987 red Chevy Silverado with 40 inch nitto mud grapplers. Roaring around in the muddy back roads of this windy Grande Cache Town. It was Canada’s day, the official beginning of the end of school. Finally graduated! After twelve years of school I was free to do whatever I wanted. And right now, my plan was to party and have fun with my best friends. My parents had recently left for Europe, celebrating their 10th anniversary, they would be gone for the whole summer. I was fine with it, accept for the fact that it meant hanging out with my twenty year old brother, whom my parents instructed to watch over me. I am eighteen, not six.

My “Redwood” Ariat Alabama cowboy boots and legs were covered in dry mud while my arms were only spotted. My shoulder length red velvet hair was held up on my head in a small ponytail. I grabbed Amber and pulled her strawberry curly blond head towards mine for a selfie. My white life proof case was also spotted in mud from taking so many pictures. Jason hit a huge bump, so Amber and I went flying. Landing on my knees in the box I yelped in pain.

“Izzy!” Or Isabelle as my parents named me. “Are you okay?” Jason stopped the truck as Amber called out my name.

I look down at my scraped and bloody knees. I brush them off while wincing. “Yup! All good!”

“Okay good! Let’s go!” Jason turned back to the steering wheel.

“Jason!” Amber yells and Jason begins to laugh. “She could be seriously hurt! We should bring her home!” I start to laugh with Jason. Knowing full well that Amber is about to go on a rant at Jason on how safely is very important. She likes to have fun, but safe fun. While Jason is completely care free. Knowing he will do anything for Amber I hop out of the back and jump in the truck. Completely zoning out from the rant. “She is my best friend! And if she ends up in the hospital because you both decide to ignore her injuries I will stop talking to you! Now Isabelle! Izzy? Where’d you go? Oh, there you are haha.” I shake my head towards Jason as she jumps in the front seat and we head home. We both lived in the furthest part of this small town. Where the town is actually only a 10 minute drive from one side to the other, not even.

“Bye guys!” I yell at the young couple as they drive off. I limp a little to the red door and notice an extra vehicle in the driveway. It was a green jeep. “I’m home!” I call as I enter my grand house.

“Hey!” My brother Teddy calls from the kitchen. I walk in the see him making supper at the oven and another man in a white polo shirt and brown shorts sitting at the kitchen table sipping an iced latte. Teddy and the man both turn to face me.

“Hello,” I choke on my voice as the green and orange eyed man about my brothers age says to me.

“Izzy this is Adam.” Teddy, or Theodore says to me.

“Uh, hi…” I look at Teddy with wondering eyes.

“Don’t worry, he’s not here to kill us.” The boys laugh. Well at least he has a sense of humor… “He’s a buddy from college.”

“Oh, okay. Well it’s nice to meet you. I’m Isabelle. You can call me pretty much anything. I’m not picky.” He smiles and looks me up and down. Noticing my knees he stands up quickly.

“What happened?” Oh great, another brother. He rushes over to me with a chair and sits me down.

“Don’t worry about her Adam, she’s a bit reacklace, and was probably doing something I would not approve of.”

“I’ am eighteen Teddy, not six. And Amber and I went mudding on the back roads with Jason. I’m going to go wash up. I’ll be in my room. Call for me when suppers ready. And I’m serious. Call this time. Or nock. I really don’t want another accident…” I wink at him, laugh and walk down the hall towards the stairs. The other day Teddy walked in on the getting changed. He saw my ass. Its fine I suppose. He is my step brother. Although I have known him since I was eight, so it was pretty shocking. I was just lightening the mood.

I head into my room and head towards my adjoining bathroom. All of the accents from my room and the bathroom are red. If you have not noticed yet, my favorite color is red. I strip down to my lace undies and bra and look at myself in the mirror. Watching as my B cups did a little jiggle. I grab them and admire myself as I push them together. Wishing I was bigger. I slowly unclip them at the back and watch as the strapless drops to the ground. With my right and dominant hand I reach down into my red thong and play with my clit a bit. Massaging that little skin covered button. Then reaching further and playing with my opening until I become a little bit wet. As to my usual routine. I tear off my thong and turn around, bend over and shake my ass in the mirror a bit. I slap my ass, not worrying about the sound through these sound proof walls my room and the bathroom have. I now turn on the water for my shower and jump in. I love taking showers. I feel so amazing under all of that water and soap. I rub my tits and body all over.

Enjoying the steam rolling off my tight body. I am very proud of my body, I went from being two hundred pounds at sixteen to one twenty a few months ago. My shower is my most favorite part of my day. I soap up my hair with conditioner and move the shower head to its lowest level. Sitting on the ground I take the shower head off of its hook and lay back. Preparing myself for a great massage. I then don’t hesitate to turn the shower head to jet and point it at my sweet shaven pussy. I buck instantly and run my free hand through my soapy hair. I massage my clit with the jets, softly moaning until my legs begin to shake. I then slowly stand and rinse the rest of the soap from my hair and turn the water off. Exiting to my room, drying off I flip my head upside down and rub my head with my towel, drying my hair.

Once successfully dry I crawl onto my bed naked and reach into my bedside table. Hand searching and successfully finding my purple jack rabbit vibrator. Placing myself carefully I rub a little bit of lube onto my vibrator then gently slide it inside of my pulsating pussy. I carefully slide it in and out of me, feeling the ridges up against my walls. Turning on the fast vibrations I place the bunny ears against my clit and start once again moving the vibrator back and forth. I began to breathe deeply as the vibrations begin rocking my core. My body moving in time with my hand. And soon, “ahhhh!” I moan as I orgasm, body shaking, time standing still as I remove the vibrator from my pussy and turn the vibrations off. I stare at the roof when I hear something.

Awkwardly someone clears his throat. I gasp with legs wide and sit up as I see Adam standing there at the door. Still breathing heavily we stare at each other for a long moment. It was then that I noticed the bulge in his American outfitters shorts. He quickly turns away. “Supper is ready.” Slowly he closes the door. I don’t know how long he was out there for but I took another fifteen to get myself presentable. Once I got downstairs my brother had been clueless to the time.

Sitting the table in the dining room was different without mom and dad. But Since Teddy likes sitting here, I’d have to get used to it. I look across the table at Adam and smile as if nothing had happened. “So Adam, what are you going to school to become?”

Adam tenses up at the sound of his name and looks up at me. Quietly he speaks. “I am going to school to become a children’s doctor.”

“Awe that is adorable, you must like kids then.”

Teddy speaks up oblivious to the tension in the room. “Adam loves kids, he has seven siblings and is the oldest.

“Wow, that’s crazy,” I add. “And how long will you be staying for?” I smile hoping for an answer ending in –ay.

“I was actually meaning to talk to you about that Izzy,” I listen to Teddy as I take a sip of my water. “I had asked Adam to stay for the whole summer.”

It started raining in the dining room. “You what? Without asking me!” I add quickly. This was not the answer I wanted.

“Sorry sis, I know I should have spoken to you about it first, but I thought it would be fun!” I stare at my step brother for a while before answering.

“Of course it is! I could not have come up with a better idea myself!” I watch out of the corner of my eye as Adam sighs. I quickly finish eating then head up to my room and lay on my dry bed. I plug in my phone to my Ihome and blast my favorite country playlist. I decided to stay in that evening. To take a break from partying I decide to just sleep for a while.

It was midnight when I woke up. I decide to get up and go get a drink of water. When I get downstairs I see that the TV is on. I walk into the living room to see Adam sitting on the couch. “Hello,” I say.

Without looking up he responds. “Hi.”

I go to go sit down beside him. I sit cross legged facing him. “We need to talk about what happened. Let’s be civil about this…” With fear I ask, “What did you see?”

Massaging my hands I wait for the answer. Heart beating fast, my eyes stare deep into his green ones. I could almost see the reflection of my brown eyes in his own. “I came in just as you…” in a hushed voice he adds. “Orgasmed…” I look down.

“Oh God. I am so sorry you had to see that… My door doesn’t freaken lock.” He doesn’t say anything but continues to look me in the eyes. “Anyways. Night.” I get up and wince at the pain in my knees.

“You are not okay. Let me see your knees.” Adam quickly gets up and sits me back down on the couch. He goes over to the wall and turns on the blinding lights. He comes back and looks at my knees. “You didn’t wash your knees properly in your shower, there are still rocks in these cuts. They’re small and should heal quickly. Just keep ice on them.”

“Well thank you doctor.” I smile and wink at Adam and get up once again, moving around him in my short pj shorts and a tank-top. I decide to flaunt my ass I strut my stuff in front of his handsome face. “This is going to be fun,” I whisper to myself.

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