Summer love

Isabelle was a normal flirtatious girl who lived life to the fullest. And then she met her brothers friend Adam. And everything changed.


5. Party

~~Chapter 5 Party
Around eight o’clock my alarm goes off. I slowly get up remembering what Adam said before I fell asleep. I frown and walk over to my large mirror doors that lead to my closet. I look at my small face with my brown eyes and petit lips. My eyeliner is smudged from sleeping on my face so I quickly clean my face and re-apply my makeup. Opening my closet doors I decide to go girly tonight. To show myself off to Adam. Even if I’m not his type… I pick out a black mini skirt and a pink crop top that says ‘LOVE’.  Throwing my beautiful red hair in a ponytail I curl the hair and grab a pair of black flats from my shelf. Stepping back I look at the perfection I was feeling and head out the door. Phone in hand reading 8:30 I quickly text Amber asking her if she would pick up Adam and I in an hour. I head towards the kitchen and grab a slice of pizza from the fridge and throw it in the microwave. Adam and Teddy actually cleaned up after themselves I think. Wondering where Adam is, I quickly eat and place my flats at the front door. I look down at my phone as Amber replies with a picture of the summer dress she’s wearing and a reply of “duh”.
“Adam?” I call up the stairs. No reply comes from the silent house. I go through my contacts and dial Teddy’s number.
“Hey Teddy, where are you and Adam?”
“Oh hey Bell,” The name Teddy has always called me. “I’m out with Clara at the bar and Adam is sleeping.”
“Okay! Thank! Love you. See you tomorrow!”
“Be home by,” I hang up on him as I laugh. I sneak up the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible and slowly push open the door to Adams room. Sprawled out on the pull out couch in what is now my father’s study, Adam snores loudly. I smile, but catch myself and slowly walk in. I check the clock by his bed, time reading 9. I move to his side and whisper.
“Adam… Adam wake up, we will be leaving soon.” He groans but moves over and pats on the bed. I sit down beside him and whisper again. “Adam, can you please get up and get ready?” Adams arm sneaks around my waist and pulls me into him. Spooning, I lay there for a minute before I try and wiggle out of his grasp.
“Just lay here with me for a few minutes beautiful.” I sigh and stop moving. I stare out into the darkness but soon my eyes start to close. I move more into the warmth. But then I realize what I am doing and get up.
“I’m going to go finish getting ready…” He lets go and I run to my room. I close the door behind me and sigh… “I can’t fall for him…” I say quietly. I get up and run over to my closet, grabbing my black purse and I throw my wallet and some lip chap in there. I sit on my bed and a few minutes later there is a knock on the door. “Yeah? Come in.” Adam comes in and sees me. He smiles.
“You look beautiful.”
I laugh. “Thanks. Amber and Jason will be here soon, we’ll run over to the Liquor store then head over to Mindy’s.
“About earlier,” Adam comes and sits beside me. He is wearing pants and a purple shirt that really defines his muscles. I stiffen. “I had fun.” He looks at me and reaches for my face. Pulling me in for a kiss. As if on cue I hear a honk.
“Well time to go! That’s Amber and Jason.” Adam quietly sighs as I get up and run out my bedroom door with my purse in hand. I head Adam coming behind me as we march down the stairs. I’m actually excited for this party. I smile and put my flats on.
“Damn girl! You look hot!” I laugh as Amber yells out at me. She opens her door and jumps in the back seat with me. Adam grabs the front seat and soon the boys are jabbing away about Adams jeep. Amber slides in close to me. “He is so fucking hot,” She whispers. I giggle.
“I know!”
“How long will he be visiting for?”
“The whole summer.” I reply as I look down at my feet.
“You’re upset about that?” Amber whispers in disbelief. “Why?”
“I’ll explain later.”
We arrive at the liquor store and grab what we want. Showing our I.D’s to the cashier and we head out to the corner store across from the liquor store. I have a large Captain Morgan in my hands that I put on the back seat of the truck before I go pick up a bottle of Coke for a mixer. Once I get back to the truck we take off and head down to Mindy’s. It’s about 10:15 and people are just showing up. As we get out of Jason’s truck, Mason, Jason’s best friend and a few other guys pull out behind us. They all high five and we head into the house. A mix of country and pop plays on the loud speakers. Mindy walks up to us and hugs Amber and I.
“It’s so nice to see you guys! I was scared no one was going to show up!”
“It’s a party, of course we’re going to show up!” Amber laughs. Mindy straightens up from our hug as she notices Adam. Her usual flirtatiousness shows its face and she pushes me aside.
“Hi there, I’m Mindy.” She offers up her hand to him.
“Hey, I’m Adam. Isabelle’s friend.” Mindy sends me a small smirk and grabs his arm. She drags him over to the kitchen and they start talking. Mindy is a short girl, like me. About 5’4”, with long black hair and bright Blue eyes. She was wearing white short shorts and a Flowery see through shirt. Showing off her Blue bra that matched her eyes. I look around the room and notice a lot of my friends from school there. I watch as Amber starts dancing with a few of the other girls and Jason heads out to the back deck to play beer pong. I join him outside. I watch as he starts to play with a guy I do not recognize. I hear Mindy and Adam laughing from the kitchen and roll my eyes I grab an extra cup from the table behind me and from my purse I pull out my Captain and Coke and poor myself a large cup. I begin sipping my mix and watch as Jason is losing his game of beer pong. I laugh but go behind him and cheer him on.
“Come on Jason! You’ve got this!” Soon he catches up but still loses. I pat him on the back as he heads out to the living room to go check on Amber. She’s not a good drunk. She drinks way too fast. It only takes her an hour to be out of it.
“So who’s playing next?” The man across from me calls out.
“I will!” I reply. He smirks and I grab some cups and set them in their pyramid form. I grab the beer from the table behind us and fill up my cups with about three cans of beer. I don’t mention it, however I am quite good at this and flippy cup.
“Here,” he says as he walks around the table. “You shoot first.” I smile and look him in the eyes as I take aim, and throw. Ball landing perfectly in one of the cups nearest to him. He takes aim and the ball also lands in my cup. We do this a few times until someone misses and finally I get chosen by the fates to go first. I giggle as he slumps in discouragement. I take aim once again and it lands in the same cup as the first time. He does this cute growl and I laugh. He picks up the cup and downs it. We go a few times and stay tied. Until I finally miss. The guy, who I must now admit is pretty handsome. About 5’ 7” with Blond hair and Blue eyes. He was wearing a black long sleeved under armour shirt and white swim trunks. He smirks as I down the stupidly gross cheap beer. I cough and throw the cup out. The beer was pretty strong for being cheap. I notice that I giggle every time it is his turn as he does something goofy to get me to smile. Soon we’re at the last three cups, me with two and him with one. I turn around and throw the ball over my head and miss. He laughs. “Well obviously I missed that! There is only one cup left.” I laugh.
“I can do it.” He replies in his deep, captivating voice.
“Yeah right.” I cross my arms and he smiles. He turns around lightly tosses the ball over his shoulder. It bounces and I go to block the ball but miss as it lands in the cup closest to me.
“Oh fuck you.” I say.
“Gladly.” He winks and I turn away with my cup in my hand. Accidentally knocking over my last cup I groan and down my drink then go to clean up the spilled beer. I misstep on my way to get paper towel and bang my shoulder into the door frame.
“Whoa girl. Are you okay?” The man comes up and rubs my shoulder where I hit it. Our hands meet and I look him in the eyes. I shrug him off and go to go get the paper towel.
“Yes I am fine. I’m just kind of a lightweight that’s all.”
“And you played beer pong very well.” He laughs as he also grabs some paper towel and helps me clean up the mess on the back deck. Once we are done the next two people set up to play.
We head over to the living room where I see a drunk Mindy grinding Adam. I roll my eyes and grab the man’s hand. I put my bag down and drag him, downstairs where a dance floor was set up. We go and start dancing. I don’t know how long had passed but a few girls at the bar were doing shots so I decide to go and do a few with them. After about three shots of vodka I know I am drunk. I laugh and go to the guy who was now sitting on the couch talking to some girls. I grab his hand again and he pulls me onto him. I giggle and smile at him.
“Let’s go dance again.” I pout.
“Let’s just sit here for a bit.” I frown but giggle as he starts to kiss my neck. I don’t mind as he is very handsome however I frown again feeling like this is not right. I start pushing him away from me as his hand is now heading up my shirt and cupping my breast.
“Please stop.” He does not reply and I notice that the room was so full that no one would have even noticed what he was doing to me. I keeps kissing me as his other hand is wrapped tightly around my waist. Unable to move I go to slap him but he quickly grabs my hand and shoves it down. He grabs my face and kisses me harshly. Next thing I know I am being lifted up and thrown onto something soft. ‘It’s so dark’ I think. The door closes and he crawls on top of me. My shirt is off right away and I’m thinking about Adam. But I remember that I’m not his type. I start to cry at that fact and the fact that I’m practically being raped. I push at his broad shoulders but he grabs both of my hands in his large one and he lifts my skirt up with the other. The fear inside of me is screaming for help, but my lips are unable to move.

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