Summer love

Isabelle was a normal flirtatious girl who lived life to the fullest. And then she met her brothers friend Adam. And everything changed.


4. Oh God

~~My thoughts were on what I would wear to the party when I was shoved up against the wall. “Adam!” Adam had one hand holding the side of my neck and the other on my hip. He smirks and kisses me once again. “Adam,” I gasp. “We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“But it feels so right.” Adam starts kissing me again and unknowingly my lips follow suit. My back against the wall, we stay in the hallway for what seems like forever. Adam licks my lower lip and I open my mouth at it. Allowing access for him to play with my tongue. Our tongues and lips moving in sync, I find myself in my earlier position with my legs wrapped around his waist.
Adam moves his lips down to my neck and I start to moan. “Oh Adam.” I can feel Adam smirk against my neck knowing he found my sweet spot.

“Come on baby.” I hold onto Adams neck tightly as he starts walking up to my room. I kiss his neck as he makes his way up the stairs. His lips escape a small moan and I look him in the eyes and laugh. His beautiful green eyes were filled with lust and my body shivered with excitement. I kiss his lips and smile. Adam grins as he kicks my door open, then roughly shuts it again. He walks straight into my large room and throws me onto the bed. I smile and crawl back onto my pillows. Wordless, Adam crawls over me and lifts up my white crop top over my head. He cups my breasts and starts massaging me. He kissed my chest and neck and I can’t help but moan. I tug at his damp shirt and he pulls it over his head revealing his perfectly toned abs.

“You are so hot.” I wink at him once he pulls off his shirt.

“Don’t talk baby.” He growls back. I bite my lip and trace my fingers over his abs. I can feel his tiny goose bumps that emerge at my touch. He starts kissing me again. Propped up on one arm, his other hand sneaks under my back and unclips my black lace bra. He tears it off of me and crashes his lips down on my nipple. He begins sucking and nibbling roughly and I can’t help but moan once again. After playing with both my breasts he starts fumbling with the button to my high rise shorts. I smirk and flip out from under him and straddle him. Shoving him down onto the bed. I start kissing his neck and make my way down his abs, feeling how perfectly sculptured they are. I then start kissing along his pant line and he moans as I suck his v-line. I start undoing his pants and pull them off, revealing that he was not wearing boxers.
I bite my lip as his cock jumps out of his ants and hits his stomach. Then slowly climbs up a bit.

“Your turn,” he grins. I stand up and slip my shorts off revealing my red lace thong. “Awe, you’re not matching.” Adam pouts and props himself on him elbows. I bite my lip, eyes taking in the beauty of his body. I slowly sit on him and wrap my legs around his waist. Kissing him passionately, lusting for him. I hold onto his neck and he slowly gets up and turns me over so that I’m under him. I release my legs from around his torso and fall gently onto the bed. In a push up position, Adam hovers over me.  I let go of from his neck and feel his giant arms. Tracing the tattoo on his arm. He falls onto the bed beside me and snakes his hand all over my body. Reaching down to my thong, he tugs on it then moves it aside. Feeling my nicely shaven pussy, he begins rubbing me and starts kissing me at the same time. Rubbing my clit, Adam waits until I am decently wet before snaking his fingers inside of me. I moan and he begins fingering me. In and out in and out. The pleasure becomes immense as he begins to go faster and faster. Honestly, I have never had a guy touch me like this before so this was the most amazing feeling. Not knowing if I can take the pleasure any more I begin to beg Adam to stop.

“Adam, please, stop, I can’t take this anymore.” Although I moan in the process I beg until he stops.

“Oh baby you just want me.” Adam, hovering above me, alines his member with my pussy and sinks the tip inside. I moan wanting him so bad. But he stops. And goes very slowly inside of me, making me beg his to hurry up. Once he is finally in, he smiles and begins thrusting himself into me slowly. I arch my back being filled with pleasure. He begins to go faster and I dig my nails into his back. Just as I’m about to moan his name he stops.

“Guys! I’m home!”

“Shit!” We both whisper. We jump out of bed and I tell him to run thought the connecting bathroom into Teddy’s old room which is currently his. I throw him his clothes and throw mine on. Just as my bathroom door closes my bedroom door opens. I fumble with my hair throwing in in a ponytail, totally inconspicuous.

“And where were you mister!” I jokingly yell at Teddy as he walks in. I walk towards him and hug him.

“Went to go have coffee with Clara.” His best friend.

“Oh she’s back in town? That’s awesome!” I smile and he looks at me funny. “What?”

“Where’s Adam?”

“Probably in his room. We just got here. I took him down to the mud hole, we had some subs for lunch since we had a late breakfast.” I smile and call Adam. “Adammmmm!”

“What? Adam walks into my room, looking perfect as always, but this time in a pair of brown shorts and a white t shirt. I smile at him and he smile back.

“Oh! I was supposed to invite you guys to a part tonight at Mindy’s.  You know she’d LOOOVE to see you Teddy.” I laugh as Mindy has had a crush on Teddy since we were kids.

“Uh, no thanks. I was ganna make plans with Clara again. Adam you’re welcome to join us.”

“Honestly dude, I could do with a few drinks. I have not been to a party in a while. And I met that Jason guy today. He seems pretty chill.”

“Great!” I yell. “That settles it! Teddy and Clara will go be loners while Adam and I party it up!” I do a little dance to the music in my head and the boys just laugh. “Anyways, I shove them out of my room. “I’m going to take a nap before tonight. I’ll have supper later. Byeeee.”

I close my door and slip down against in, sitting on the floor I sigh. “You’re sisters pretty cool,” I hear Adam say.

“Yeah, but im warning you, if you lead her on…”

“Dude, don’t worry about it. I won’t. She’s not my type anyways.”

I listen and a tear escapes my eyes. I rush up and fling myself onto my bed. Allowing myself into a deep sleep before I begin to cry.

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