Summer love

Isabelle was a normal flirtatious girl who lived life to the fullest. And then she met her brothers friend Adam. And everything changed.


3. Kissing

I kiss back, fire spreading through my body. Lips moving in sync, my hands feel up his arms and I run my hands up to his hair. His hands run from my sides to my ass and he squeezes. I jump and wrap my wet lets around his waist. Hands still on my ass, Adam pulls me closer. I feel the lust and passion between us. I moan as I feel his member against my ass and smirk. I stop kissing him and I look him in the eye. I slowly unwrap my legs and swim away. Adam grabs my ankle and pulls me back to him, kissing me once again.

“No, no, no.” I wink at him and swim away. Climbing out of the small pool and get dressed. “Come on, let’s eat.” Once dressed, I sit down in the sand and take out my sub. Taking a sip of my coke and watching as Adam climbs out of the pool as well. He gets dressed and walks over to me


“Yes Adam?” Adam kneels down behind me and starts kissing my neck.

“You are,” kiss, “the most,” Kiss, kiss, “beautiful,” kiss, “girl,” kiss, moan, “I’ve ever,” kiss, “met.” kiss, moan.

“And you Adam,” I turn around and kiss him on the lips, “are very cocky.” I look him in the eye. “We cannot tell Teddy about this.”

“I agree. He would flip, and then kill me.” We kiss again then sit down to eat. We talk getting to know each other some more.

Adams favorite color is green, my least favorite color. He has two dogs and one cat. His favorite animals are parrots because they can talk. He has always wanted to be a doctor since he was little. He met Teddy at a party. They only have Biology together. (My brother wants to be a biologist. And Adam needs biology to be a doctor.)

I only half listened to the questions to my answers as all I could think about was what happened in the pool. His hot lips against mine and our wet slippery bodies pushed up against each other. Then his member… I had not looked at it. For once, it was something I was scared to do. I was never scared.. But now I was. I felt scared to fall for this guy… He was only here for the summer… and what if once I get to university he thinks of me as too young and finds someone else? I clench my fists. What the hell am I thinking! We’re not even together! And I don’t even know if he likes me!

“Isabelle?” Adams voice calling my name snaps me back to reality. I give him a genuine smile.

“Yes?” He looks at me with wondering eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know. Anyways we should probably get going.” I nod. We finish our subs and get up, picking up our garbage. We set out for his jeep and took of heading home. I pull my phone out and check it. Noticing I have three missed calls and 10 missed texts. The missing texts were from Amber and the calls from Teddy. I check my voicemail and listen and Teddy tells me that he will not be home until late. I inform Adam and he smirks.

“Wait what? Adam! Why are you smirking?”

“No reason.”

“Adam! Tell me!”

“Isabelle! No!” Our bickering continued like this until we arrived home. Once we got home, into the not so empty driveway, i was stopped by Amber and Jason.

"Hey Isabelle! Where the hell have you been? Why didint you answer my texts??"

I run up to the window of Jasons red truck and give Amber a hug. "So sorry, we went down to the mud pit for lunch."

"Who is we?" I look at her and show off my white teeth.

"Adam, come here. Amber this is Adam. Adam this is Amber my best friend and her boyfriend Jason. Adam is visiting for the summer. He goes to school with Teddy."

Adam turns to go talk to Jason and introduce himself as Amber whispers to me. "Holy fuck!"

"I know right! I stare at his long bulking arms and his perfect face smiling.

"Anywhays, if you had looked at your phone! You'd know there's a party and Mindy's tonight." Mindy is a girl who graduated with us. "Aaaaaand you're comming with me and Jason. Bring your boy toy." She winks at me.

"He's not my boy toy!" I whisper at her! "And of course I'll come!"

"Bring Teddy too! Everyone would love to see him."

"I don't know about Teddy and Adam... Teddy hates it when I drink. "

"Well whatever. Just make sure you're there at 10 sharp!" She yells to the air. Jason revs up the engine. I give her another hug and they take off.

"Well she seems nice." Adam smiles at me.

"Of course she is silly, she's my best friend." And with that we head into the house

Sorry that this chapter just saying so short guys! My phone is about to die. And my next class starts soon. Plus I had to type on my phone because they kicked me out of the library for a presentation on bullying. Bleh. The next chapter will be longer, sexier, and more fun ;)



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