Summer love

Isabelle was a normal flirtatious girl who lived life to the fullest. And then she met her brothers friend Adam. And everything changed.


2. Adam

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon, probably my second most favorite food after pizza. Crawling out of bed I throw my soft shorts on and a grey crop top on. Showing off my amazing tanned stomach. I throw my red hair into a bun and slip into my favorite pair of white bootie slippers. Hopping down the stair like a bunny I murmur to myself “Bacon, bacon, bacon.” And stop in my tracks when I turn the corner to see Adam cooking at the oven. Standing six foot four in a black woman beater and jeans that hugged his ass. His arms as large as my head and a big tattoo of some Chinese symbol on his left arm. I gasp as a slight moan escapes my lips. Adam must have heard because he quickly turned around. “Good morning,” I say quickly to cover any trace of my moan. I sneak over beside Adam and take a deep whiff of the Bacon. “Morning. How do you like your eggs?” As if nothing happened Adam finally speaks to me normally. “Sunny side up please.” I smile and raid the fridge for some chocolate milk. I sit at the table and Adam brings me my breakfast. “Where is Teddy?” I ask mouth full of bacon. “Probably still sleeping, he never got used to waking up early.” “Were you guys roommates?” I question. “No just friends. Same classes and such.” “Since when do you cook?” I ask, again mouth full of the most delicious bacon you could have ever tried. I was crispy but not hard, it was just perfect. “I’ve been cooking since I was twelve. It was just my mother and I with my seven siblings, so I helped out a lot.” “That’s crazy. If it’s not too personal, where was your father?” I look at the green eyed man. “He had passed away from prostate cancer a year earlier.” “I’m sorry to hear that.” “It’s okay, I’m over it now, I’m glad he’s not suffering any longer.” “So you have seven siblings? What is that like?” I like asking questions. “It was rough, but I love them all. There were four girls and four boys counting me. So it went me, Amy, Jesse, Jake, Vikki, Carter, Peter and baby Ellie.” So I took care of the boys while my twin Amy took care of the girls. We’re all a year to two years apart.” “Well it sure explains why you want to be a children’s doctor,” I say as I wash my dishes and put them away. “Any ways thank you for breakfast. It was delicious.” I wink at him for fun and bound up to my room to change. Letting lose my hair I decide to curl them and put on my cowboy hat. It was beautiful in a straw fashion with a cow pattern boarder. Green high waist shorts and the crop top I was wearing was a perfect outfit for the day. Cowboy boots on and I run to my brother’s room. I open the door quietly and see him sprawled out on the bed, just one sheet covering his boxers. I take off my boots and quietly crawl towards his bed. As much as I didn’t want him to be my “babysitter”, we were super close. I quickly jump over him and start jumping on his bed. “WAKE UP, WAKE UP WAKE UP!” “Izzy, go away, I’m sleeping.” Teddy grabs my ankle and pulls it towards him. Causing me to trip and fall onto his king sized bed. I crawl over to him and lay sideways on him hanging my head off the bed. “No you’re not. Plus you have company. And it’s already noon!” “I’m tired. Take him out. My treat. There’s some money in my wallet.” “Okay!” I jump up one last time and slide off his bed, I reach into his bed side table and take out some money from his wallet. “ADAM!” I yell. “See you later Teddy.” Running out of the room grabbing my boots and down the stairs I don’t notice my steps and I start to fall. “AHHHH” I yell again. Next thing I know I hear an “OOF” and I look up to see my saviour. Adam had caught me. I look up shyly at him. “There you go. You sure are clumsy aren’t you?” I stare at him and I realize that I’m still holding onto him. Letting go quickly I say, “Thank you.” I step down from the stairs and walk towards the front door carrying my boots. “Are you coming?” I ask. “Sure?” Adam hesitantly follows closely behind me. “Where are we going?” “We’re going to go pick up some subs and go for a ride. I’m going show you this lovely little town of ours.” We jump in his jeep that had beautiful black leather seats and head uptown to pick up some subs. After getting some delicious food we head out for a drive. Down through the magnificent mountains we start to talk. “So Adam, where are you from?” I look over the extremely handsome man. And it was then, while he was talking that I realized what was happening. I kept calling my brother’s friend handsome… ew… weird. He saw me masturbating! What was I thinking? My brother would kill me if I started liking his friend! “Turn here.” I say to Adam. We turn onto a dirt road that led us to the under parts of a bridge. Parking, I jump out of his jeep and quickly fly towards the water. I take off my boots and socks and dip my toes in the chilly water. I laugh and traverse through the heavy rushing river towards the bridge. “Isabelle! Be careful!” Adam follows me along the shore line. “Oh come on Adam, don’t be a pussy. It’s beautiful out! Don’t you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery? Plus it’s more beautiful on the other side!” I start to walk a bit faster, as the rocks under my feet are not slippery. To make things fun I pretend to scream and bend down for effect. “Isabelle!” Next thing you know Adam is in the water beside me and I’m laughing. “Got you!” I yell. Adam gives me the sternest face you could imagine and bends down over his knees and sighs. “Got you back!” I gasp as Adam sprays water on me. Laughing he continues until I push him onto his ass. “Ahh! That’s cold!” He grabs my hand and pulls me down towards him. Next thing I know is screaming in pain from my knees and noticing that I am straddling Adam. “Are you okay?” He asks worriedly. I nod. Cupping a handful of water I splash it across his face. Laughing I sit there constantly splashing water upon his face. “Okay! Okay! I give in! I give in!” Adam quickly grabs my wrists and I stare at him smiling. He looks down, then swiftly looks back up. He grabs my bare waist and carefully and easily picks me up off of him. We venture back to his vehicle and he reaches into his jeep. Pulling out a sweater he covers me up. I just then notice that I am wearing a white top. “Thanks but no thanks,” I say. “The heat will dry me up.” Without saying a word about the black lace bra he could clearly see, he takes his sweater back and uses it to dry himself off. I step back and watch as he tears off his black woman beater and rings it out. Carefully counting the number of abs he has, I stick with the last number of six perfectly toned abs. I inwardly moan, imagining feeling him up and down, I see his v lines and finally moan quietly. “Enjoying what you see?” Adam smirks at me and turns around taking off towards the river. ”So you said it’s more beautiful on the other side?” I smile and run in front of him. “This is probably my favorite place ever. I love just hiding under the bridge of coming over to the other side and sticking my feet in the sand bar. It’s amazing feeling the mud between your toes.” “You really are a country girl aren’t you?” “You got it buddy.” I say winking once more. We cross under the bridge and over to the other side. Once exiting the mountains explode into view, we appear into a valley. I was beautiful. “Whoa.” Adam gasped a little. “It’s beautiful here.” “It is! Now come sit in the mud with me!” “But I’m in jeans…” “Then take them off! Boxers are just like a swimsuit. Look ill even turn around so you don’t feel so stupid.” I laugh as I turn. Once I think Adam is done I turn around once again. I check him out in his tight black boxers. I take off my top and keep my short shorts on. Sitting down on the sad bar I put my feet deep in the mud and sigh. This was the life. I take out my phone and turn on my favorite country playlist. Adam sits down beside me and lays back. Head barely touching the cold rushing water of the river. “You know Adam, you’re pretty cool.” And handsome. Maybe it won’t be so bad if I fall for him. A summer fling never hurt anyone. I lay down facing him and smile. He smiles back. We lay there for a while until I hear his stomach growling. I was probably two a clock by then. I just laugh. “Hungry are we? Want me to go get the food?” Adam gets up. “No its okay, I’ll go.” “Alright, thanks.” Adam puts back on his jeans and makes his way out of view. I get up as well and make my way over to the sudden drop off of still water on the same side of the sand bar. I take off my shorts and jump in, swimming around the circular pool. I decide to take off my bra and thong and do some skinny dipping. About five minutes later Adam shows up. I turn around quickly. “Are you naked?” Adam asks. I hear the smirk in his voice. “Maybe? I thought I could get some swimming in before you came back. Turn around so I can get dressed.” I joke. Obviously Adam must have heard the joke in my voice for the next thing that came out of his voice shocked me. “Nah, I think I’ll join you. Thirty seconds later I hear a splash and my hair is soaked. “Hey!” I yell turning around quickly. I cover my breasts. Not that I am shy about my body, but I didn’t want to make him even more awkward. He grabs my wrists and uncovers me. “No need to hide,” He says slyly. “I’ve already seen you naked.” He grabs my waist with one hand and pulls me close towards him. I feel the smooth watery skin against my body. I am so turned on right now I think to myself. I lace my hands around his neck and pull myself even closer. “Hi,” I whisper. There was no reply for the next second my lips were covered in the sweet taste of his. He over powered my complete being. Butterflies ran through my stomach and brain. I gasp.
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