Don't do it

This is a novella about a girl who self harms and this story has a story behind it, don't self harm.....

This isn't a true story about anyone I know, I just like the name angel and decided to make a story outta it....sorry not sorry


2. one direction concert

I don't think I mentioned this, but my tickets to the latest one direction concert came about two weeks ago! It is today but I have to leave early or else I won't get there early enough.

But before I get changed for it, I will tell you a little more about myself.

I self harm, not attention seeking or anything but I have my reasons. My family died in a car crash when I was out at a party one night. I have lived by myself ever since and I have never had a boyfriend because as soon as I tell them about my past and depression and self harm, they dump me and say they never loved me. That's why I now have trust issues, but even though I haven't met them, I believe one direction would never do that! But since I'm in front row and got backstage pass, I'm crossing zayn, Louis and Liam off my list since they've all got girlfriends so I'm only hoping on Harry and Niall. But if I had a choice, I'd definitely pick Niall as my friend is in love with Harry anyway.

I pull on my one direction jumper from the last concert I went to and some black leggings. I put my white converse on and grab my sign that says 'I've got that one thing' on and my car keys and walk out the door.

As I get in the car and turn on the radio, it starts playing you and I and I start singing so loudly that I get a few strange looks from passer byers.

Although I suffer from depression and self harm, I may as well enjoy life while I can right?

I park up the car and go in,scan my tickets and find my seat.

After a while the concert starts and I'm going crazy singing at the top of my lungs with all the other directioners around me.

I could of sworn Niall looked at me a few times and smiled but that was probably my imagination but it still made my heart flutter.

As I was leaving I grabbed a Starbucks and walked out the back door towards the backstage area. As I was trying to hold my Starbucks and push the door open, I dropped my car keys and bent down to pick them up.

Another hand beat me to it.

"Here, I think you dropped these" a thick Irish accent sounded into my ears. I knew that accent anywhere!

I looked up to see THE Niall Horan gazing into my eyes

Sorry it's a bit bad but cut me some slack, it's my second Movella!!!

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