Don't do it

This is a novella about a girl who self harms and this story has a story behind it, don't self harm.....

This isn't a true story about anyone I know, I just like the name angel and decided to make a story outta it....sorry not sorry


3. Meeting Niall

Nialls POV

I looked down at the girl beneath me. She was stunning. And I mean it literally. Not in a possessive way, but I would think of calling dibs on her before the other boys. Actually, I think I would have competition with harry since we are the only single ones.

I offered my hand out to her which she gladly took and beamed at me, her smile was beautiful.

"Thanks!" She chirped cheerfully.

"No problem! What are you up to?" I decided to ask as politely as I could.

"Well I decided to grab a Starbucks before I went to your concert!" She exclaimed.

I was surprised that she wasn't freaking out.

"Not that you have to, but you could get a ride with me and the boys if you wanted to?" I asked hopefully since I really wanted to see her again.

"If you insist niall!" She said, yes she knew my name!

"Before we go to the car, what's your name?" I asked

"Angel" she said

"Oh that's pretty!" I whispered but not quiet enough.

She blushed a bright pink which made me smile. She was just as shy as me.

"Let's go to the car!" I said as formally as I could.


Angels POV

this day couldn't get any better! I thought as I got in the car only to be greeted with a chorus of "hellos" and "who are you" or "what's your name" .

I answered all of their questions finishing with proudly saying all of their names after pointing at each of them.

"She's definitely a keeper!" Harry muttered but just so I could here him. I giggled.

Harry looked up at me when I giggled and winked. I felt the heat come to my cheeks. Oops.

But I still preferred Niall. 😉


Sorry if this was a bad chapter but I've also started writing things on watt pad 😳

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