Losing self and Losing you!


1. Prologue

~~MY FRIEND AND I OWN ALL COPYRIGHTS TO THIS STORY. IF IN ANY WAY THIS STORY GETS COPIED I WILL SUE YOU. AND I MEAN IT :) And i would love criticism plz. it would help me out alot.

My father passed away when i was 6. He died because of a stupid drunk driver who ran through a red light. I've hated drunk people ever since. My mother remarried when i was 9 to my stepfather. After 2 years of marriage to Bryan my mother Lila became ill she was later on diagnosed with cancer on my 11th birthday

My stepfather and I always took good care of my mother when she was sick. After a couple months Bryan couldnt take it anymore. So he turned to drinking,partying,and smoking all night. My mother could barley move anymore the cancer had spread to half her body.

The treatments werent working anymore they just made her sicker. So she stopped the treatments. My mother gave up all hope on beating the cancer.I was 14 when she passed away. After that the court granted Bryan full custody of me since no one could find any relative that would willingly take me in. I guess they just didnt want another brurden in there life or a constant reminder of my mother since i look just like her.

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