Always. It's a strong word. It can mean a lot, like how it meant to me when Niall told me he'd always love me. It can be a word that means nothing, like how it meant to Niall when he said he'd always love me. And then the next day, he left Mullingar and never came back. And I was alone. Always.


16. Unexpected Visitor

One Month Later


I was eating lunch with Dad when the doorbell rang.

"Who would that even be?" I asked him. He shrugged. I got up, went to the door, and opened it.

Standing on front of me was the blonde-haired 20-year-old Irish boy I'd been missing for a month.

"Niall?" I whispered.

"Clover." The corner of his mouth turned upward. I leapt into his arms and he spun me around.

"I've missed you." I whispered in his ear.

"I love you." He whispered in mine.


"So how long are you staying?" I asked him. We were cuddling in my bed. Don't worry, we weren't doing anything!

"Staying? Forever."


"Clover, I'm moving here."

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