Always. It's a strong word. It can mean a lot, like how it meant to me when Niall told me he'd always love me. It can be a word that means nothing, like how it meant to Niall when he said he'd always love me. And then the next day, he left Mullingar and never came back. And I was alone. Always.


13. Titanic

"So, what do you think?" I hear Niall say to me. "Clover? Clover?"

"Huh?" I snap out of my thoughts.

"I said, what if the three of us went to see a movie? Harry wanted us to see Titanic, and it's okay with me if it's okay with you."

"Oh, yeah, that should be good. But what about the paparazzi?"

"We've got that covered."


"Really, guys? Was this necessary?" We were all dressed in black. Black gloves, black glasses, black beanies, black pants, black shirts, and black burglar masks. I pull mine off my mouth so my words don't come out in a muffle. "We're not robbing a bank!"

"The paps can be brutal." Harry says.

"Yeah," Niall agrees, "now let's go!"

Once we're in our seats in the theater (after getting strange looks from everyone who happened to notice us) the movie started. I sat in the middle of Harry and Niall. At one point, Niall put his arm around me and I snuggled into his shoulder, as awkward as it was with my mask and hat. Harry just looked at me strangely.


I'd never seen the Titanic, but it was sad! I cried at the end when Rose said she'd never let Jack go and then she dropped him into the water!

Harry and Niall didn't cry, but I hope that was only because they'd seen it before. Because the story should make you cry!

Gosh, like I've mentioned before, I am a dork.

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