Always. It's a strong word. It can mean a lot, like how it meant to me when Niall told me he'd always love me. It can be a word that means nothing, like how it meant to Niall when he said he'd always love me. And then the next day, he left Mullingar and never came back. And I was alone. Always.


9. The Media Knows All

"Irish singer Niall Horan from boy band One Direction was seen driving to an apartment complex alone yesterday. From what we know, he hasn't left yet! We thought Mr. Horan was single, but were we wrong? This has been Anita Fitzpatrick from BBC News on All Celeb Talk. Our next segment after this short break will be on 7 things in your toilet bowl that call kill you."

I turned off the TV and looked at Niall.

"Shit." He said.

"Shit is right. We should've thought about this."

"Maybe we should make it public?" He suggested.

"Oh, my god, no. Just no. I hate attention. Papparazzi crowding around me 24/7? Not even being able to leave my apartment without being bombarded with questions by reporters? Hell, no."

"You've always been like that." Niall smiled.

"Like what?"

"So... I don't know... secretive, shy, wary."

"Are you saying I have trust issues?"

"Um, yeah."

"You jerk!" I picked up a pillow and threw it at him. Then I turned serious again. "But really, not even the boys. Kay?"

"Kay," He mimicked me. "But you do know they'll find out eventually."

"Ugh, I know. It's so creepy... they're stalkers! Media knows all!" We started laughing.


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