Always. It's a strong word. It can mean a lot, like how it meant to me when Niall told me he'd always love me. It can be a word that means nothing, like how it meant to Niall when he said he'd always love me. And then the next day, he left Mullingar and never came back. And I was alone. Always.


15. Home

"Oh, Clover. I'll miss you!" Nessa gave me a hug. I smiled.

"I'm going to miss you too. But it's for the best. I want to see my dad, and since Niall doesn't want me, there's nothing keeping me here. Except you, of course!"

"But don't you like London?"

"Well," I picked up my luggage, "it's too noisy for me, and it's not as rural as Mullingar. I like to watch the sunrise and set, but here it's just not enough... nature. It's dorky, I know, but I like nature a lot."

"Oh, Clover," Nessa sighed, "it is dorky. I'm kidding! But it's gonna be lonely..." She put on a pouty face. I rolled my eyes.

"Flight 117, last call. Flight 117, last call."

"Well, that's me. Bye, Nessa!" I waved as I went in the direction of the boarding area.

"Bye, Clover! I miss you already!"


"Dad? I'm home!"

"Clover? You cam back?" My dad rushed into the doorway. "You surprised me!" He laughed. He laughed. Again. And he was sober!

"Oh, Daddy, it's been so long!" I hugged him.

"Only a month, darling."

"No, so long since you were the real you. Not the alcohol you."

"I know, Clover. It was hard to quit, but I kept thinking of you."

"I'm proud of you, Dad." I went upstairs and started unpacking when I heard a familiar sound. Birds chirping. It was still light outside, so I decided to take a walk.

I threw on some sweats and an old t-shirt. I put on my slipper Sperrys and went downstairs.

"I'll be back in an hour, Dad!" I called before closing the front door behind me. I took a deep breath of the non-car-polluted air and listened to the birds chirp.

I missed Nessa, and of course I missed Niall, but it was good to be home.

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