Always. It's a strong word. It can mean a lot, like how it meant to me when Niall told me he'd always love me. It can be a word that means nothing, like how it meant to Niall when he said he'd always love me. And then the next day, he left Mullingar and never came back. And I was alone. Always.


2. Alone

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside of my window. I slowly got out of bed and took off my night gown to replace it with an old t-shirt and some shorts. I headed downstairs and slipped on my grey TOMS. Then I went outside and into the field behind my house. I collapsed in a soft patch of wheat and lie on my back, staring up at the morning sky. The sun hadn't even risen yet. But everything else was awake, and when nature's awake, so am I. I'm such a dork... A bird came and landed on a beaten path through the endless wheat and started pecking at the ground. A small tear escaped my eye as I remembered the significance of that small path. I sat up, and my stirring caused the bird to fly away. I got to my feet and walked over to the path, sitting right in the middle of it.


"Niall!" I call. "Niall! I know you're here!" I chuckle to myself. He said he'd meet me here on the path, but he was nowhere to be found. I pull my phone out of my pocket just as I hear a car pull up in front of my house. Niall gets out and jogs around the house over to me. "Hey! There you are!" I smile, but he doesn't return it.

"Listen, Clover. I need to tell you something important." I look at him quizzically. "I'm leaving. Today." Then I look at him shockingly.

"But you promised you'd never leave me!" I protest.

"I know, but now I have to."

"Your parents are forcing you to?"

"Well, no. But--"

"So you don't have to! You're making this choice to leave me on your own! Aren't you?" He nods shamefully. I narrow my eyes at him. "Then leave!" Tears start pouring out of my eyes and I watch him turn away, half hoping he'd never come back, but half hoping he'd turn back around and run over to me and stay.

Flashback Ends


Another tear escaped my eye. Then another. Then another. Within seconds, tears were flowing freely out of my eyes, soaking the dirt on the ground. I wiped my eyes on my shirt and go find another soft patch of wheat to lay in. That path only causes trouble. I think to myself. It was perfect timing, because the sun was rising. I sighed and admired its beauty. Nature is the only thing I have, well besides my drunken dad. Other than that, I'm alone.




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