The making of Kaitlyn Connoway

Kaitlyn Connoway is your typical 15 year old popular girl. Bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a perfect figure. She has it all, well everyone thinks she does. When really Kaitlyn's life is falling apart right in front of her, her new step-sister moves in, her gran is ill and the finals are coming up soon....


3. 3


I stood up from the swirly, itchy blue chairs, startled by this news.

"I know honey, but we've....."

"That doesn't matter, what matters is....."

I was cut off by mum's phone ringing, she answered, but I guessed it was a cold caller, until I heard this,

"Mark, we've talked about this, you know what we agreed on, it's for the best, I love you."

I gaped like a goldfish, and brushed my long blonde hair out of my face, I felt the tears fall.

"Oh darling!"

Mum hugged me tightly, whilst I cried my eyes out like I was five years old. My mascara dripped down my cheeks,

"I do still love him you know, but we've just grown apart throughout all these years, its for the best babe."

I wiped my now wet eyes and buried my hands in my face. The office lady peeped out of the window,

"Okay Carrie, your twenty minutes are up now, Kaitlyn has to go back to class!"

Mum said she'd pick me up after school, she said she had a surprise waiting for me.

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