The making of Kaitlyn Connoway

Kaitlyn Connoway is your typical 15 year old popular girl. Bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a perfect figure. She has it all, well everyone thinks she does. When really Kaitlyn's life is falling apart right in front of her, her new step-sister moves in, her gran is ill and the finals are coming up soon....


2. 2

I headed to boring science in B block, the room that always smelt like burnt rubber and used toilets was our room. Jenna was always early for class, even when the queue for upstairs was enormous.

Anyway, we got to our science room, our teacher Mrs Madson was always a bit bonkers, even when she was tired after 4th period with year 7's. But I guess it was okay to be a little on the bizarre side of life, I know I didn't look it, but even me, the glamour model everyone supposedly looked up to was a little crazy. My handbag was weighing me down today, it was the first day after the summer holidays and already my books were so heavy. But luckily I didn't have to stay for long in science with my rock-weighted bag, because I got a call from the office.

You know when everyone is staring at you, not just because your said to be beautiful by all your clasmates, but awkwardly, like your some zombie that came to Seaview Prep. The staff never took anyone out of lessons unless it was serious, but I could tell that even bonkers Mrs Madson had taken a different approach that day.

So I went down to reception to see my mum standing there, in her usual trousers and denim jacket, her curly dark hair tied up in a high ponytail.

"Mum?! What're you doing here?"

I was kinda nervous because mum didn't look right, her eyes were teary and her face was red.

"Kaity honey, come sit with me!"

She led me to some chairs in the private area.

"So, um Kaity, ther's something I need to tell you but it's not easy for me."

I nodded,

"Sweetums, your dad and I are splitting up."




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