The making of Kaitlyn Connoway

Kaitlyn Connoway is your typical 15 year old popular girl. Bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a perfect figure. She has it all, well everyone thinks she does. When really Kaitlyn's life is falling apart right in front of her, her new step-sister moves in, her gran is ill and the finals are coming up soon....


1. 1

"Ah! Kaity, How's your summer been?, I haven't seen you in ages!"

Jenna Rein came running towards me, chewing her spearmint gum.

"I'm good Jen, how are you?"

Jenna rushed on about seeing Robby Malin's concert,

"But he's such a hunk Kait, I have so many posters, he even winked at me!"

But I was too busy looking at another guy walking past, he had curly blonde hair and startling green eyes.

He winked at me. My insides turned to jelly.

"That's great Jen."

She twigged I wasn't really listening,

"Oh you like him. His name's Taylor, he travelled here all the way from Tennessee Kait!"

I nodded, the bell sounded and we had to go to class.

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