This story is about what the future holds set in the date of 2020.
ENJOY! The first chapter is like a prologue so you don't have read it the second chapter is the real start. Every chapter will usually be one day e.g ch2 start wake up end sleep ch3 <~~ the same imagine each chapter as a small episode


2. The Day Everything Collapsed

It's was the day everything went wrong, the day of chaos, people were looting and running around screaming. I was alone in the town of kendal in England, my family had been shot by the police for looting, but up I got away unharmed.

the first thing I did was got the van keys from home and tried to drive the van. I was only 14 so I didn't know how. but I'd seen people drive, so slowly I drove into town the first shop I saw was home-base I knew it's stupid but I went in to get vegetable seeds. so I went in, it was deserted so I wandered around until I found them. I grabbed them, then saw the tools, I grabbed a spade, folk and a tool box of random tools, went to the counter grabbed a load of battery's and put them in my pocket then, I saw a drinks and chocolate vending machine so instead of getting some, I dragged the whole machine and put it in the van then set off.

The next place I came across was an out doors shop I parked up the van and got out. Damn it was locked so I kicked in the glass and It shattered I went in and I saw loads of pen knifes and an air rifle I grabbed them quick and put them in my van along with some pellets. In the far corner of the shop I saw  a section for coats I grabbed a load and bunged them in the van. Then I saw sleeping bags I grabbed 10 and also put them in I was In a rush so no one stole the van so finally grabbed a hand full of things and jumped in the van. In those thins was a few flint and steals, a pair of sun glasses, fishing wire and a pair of big Wellies and a pair of walking boots.

I drove to the spa  and quickly grabbed: rice, eggs, a map and a compass.

After, I went to the petrol station and grabbed a full can of fuel and drove down some country lanes until I found somewhere far enough away to park the van and sleep.

I got in the back in the sleeping bag and went to sleep.


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