This story is about what the future holds set in the date of 2020.
ENJOY! The first chapter is like a prologue so you don't have read it the second chapter is the real start. Every chapter will usually be one day e.g ch2 start wake up end sleep ch3 <~~ the same imagine each chapter as a small episode


4. Soldiers and guns

I suddenly woke up to the sound of gun shots, worried I sprinted into Joes room. Him and Courtney were staring out the window. Finally Courtney spoke in a quite hight pitched voice "its a firing squad coming into the houses 5 houses down the road what should we do?" After a few minuets of thinking suddenly i had a brilliant idea as soon as people come to this house, just as they get to are door we slip out the back door and jump threw the gardens until we get to one they have already checked. Then maybe, just maybe they won't spot us I told the others my plan and we put it to action we quickly ran to the next garden when... Oh god,Courtney had knocked over a gnome, smash!! A solider turned his head, luckily we dropped to the floor, but he walked towards us, closer, closer, closer. "He's spotted us" I whispered. He raised his gun looked down his sight, but thank god he adjusted the settings on his scope and turned away.

10 minuets later it was safe so we got up and went to the front door to check. There was a big x on our door it must have been to show they had checked it. I opened the door to find everything trashed luckily I had took the good stuff outside with me so that they were safe.

I decided to check out the van meanwhile joe was cleaning up inside with Courtney. Phew the van was fine but oh no a door had been ripped off. I told Joe I was going to fix it with my tools and he said he would go scavenge the houses for useful stuff with Courtney.

Finally I had kinda fixed the door when Courtney came running "look look look" she shouted so I followed her to a van in the van was Joe lifting out canisters of fuel there was like 20 of them! One by one we put them in the back of my van. finally the last can, I hoisted it into the van. It was late now so after a chat about films we went to bed. I was so exhausted so went to sleep with no problem, despite the depression of losing my whole family and probably everyone I loved.

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