This story is about what the future holds set in the date of 2020.
ENJOY! The first chapter is like a prologue so you don't have read it the second chapter is the real start. Every chapter will usually be one day e.g ch2 start wake up end sleep ch3 <~~ the same imagine each chapter as a small episode


3. Joe and Courtney

BANG BANG BANG "hello any one in there. Hello!" I opened the door to see two people stood there, a girl (looked about 16) and a man (about 21) I quickly picked up my folk and pointed it at them, just in case. The man said "whoa whoa were friendly" I slowly lowered my folk " sorry, I had to be careful just in case"

"Ok, let me introduce us I'm joe and this is my lil sis, Courtney we have a vehicle other there it's a range rover. Do you wanna team up". "Sure but we need to find a good place to go and settle"

We decided it would be best to find a house in the town I slowly followed them up to a small basic house that said for sale I jumped pun the van and walked up to them and asked if they would stay there and guard the stuff whilst I checked out the house. they said they would so I handed them the air rifle. I tried the door I was locked so I checked under the door mat and there was the key, so I opened the door and cautiously walked in.

There was no one in the house after I'd checked there was 8 rooms 1) the hall. 2) the living room with a sofa. 3) a basic bathroom with a shower sink and toilet 4) a kitchen with a sink, counter and cooker 5) a office room with a desk and chair a very small room 6) a dinning room basic room with a table 7) a bed room with 2 small beds 8) another bed room with a double bed.

I went outside and walked towards Joe and Courtney they picked up there stuff and I told them it was safe we decided it would be best if joe and his sister shared the double bed and I slept in one of the small beds. So we dumped are stuff in the rooms I gave them both sleeping bags and we headed down stairs. as well as the sofa there was a fire place in the living room. so I got some wood from outside and lit a fire. We all snuggled up on the sofa I said to joe "why doesn't Courtney talk?". "The other day we were finding food when suddenly a car came racing down the road and ran over are parents. They died so she's really sad. She will hopefully come round soon though. Any way where the food lol I'm sooooo hungry." " I have a vending machine in the van we shall probably have a chocolate bar for now and a coke to save food. Then we should get some sleep." We had some food and went to bed.

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