This story is about what the future holds set in the date of 2020.
ENJOY! The first chapter is like a prologue so you don't have read it the second chapter is the real start. Every chapter will usually be one day e.g ch2 start wake up end sleep ch3 <~~ the same imagine each chapter as a small episode


1. HOW?

The reason the worlds economy collapsed was due to the hyper rich and famous, their fame and fortune brought us pain and miss fortune, they wanted us gone to leave room for them. There slaves and workers (the slight rich) would serve them. and we wouldn't use up the resources, they did this just so they could live in paradise. There was only one way to get rid of us, and that was to kill us!

They did this in different ways like:

1.They caused this thing called hyper inflation this meant that everything would cost loads of money, they did this by printing off loads and loads of money, this lead to rioting and complete chaos 

2.they used harp, a weather changing devise to cause disasters, then we would do anything to be safe. so they let us live in this thing called a FEMA camp this was a camp which kept us "safe" during the disaster, then we wouldn't be able to get out and they would kill us, just like a concentration camp.

These wouldn't of worked if it wasn't for the other thing they did. What they did was they gave us loads of things like toasters cookers etc, so we became reliant on them. then if the power stopped they wouldn't work. So instead of the old thing we did cooking on a fire, we used them until we didn't know how to have a fire therefore without power we couldn't cook food, and without power, petrol stations won't work therefore, lorry's of food can't be delivered. therefore, supermarkets have no food so when the strikes happen and there's no one to man the power stations there's no electric so slowly, slowly we die because we don't know how to live without power or supermarkets, we starve to death however, some people survived and me and my group of people survived... 

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