This story is about what the future holds set in the date of 2020.
ENJOY! The first chapter is like a prologue so you don't have read it the second chapter is the real start. Every chapter will usually be one day e.g ch2 start wake up end sleep ch3 <~~ the same imagine each chapter as a small episode



I woke up to the relaxing sound of birds and the smell of rice, so I got up and went towards the smell, it was Joe cooking rice with tomato ketchup "what a weird combination" I said

"It's actually really nice, try some" he replied. I tried and to my surprise it was lovely, well for an apocalyptic situation anyway. 5 minuets later Courtney appeared through the front door " your finally up I see" she said. "It was Tiring moving that fuel yesterday, well for people who actually helped" I said in an annoyed voice.

We had just eaten breakfast and I started nailing nails into a stick to make a weapon when I heard a bark I just thought it was a stray dog, but then I heard another bark and another and another here was 1000's of barks heading towards us, they must kill any people they sniff or something. I was right, people were screaming in agony and running around bleeding outside then a dog came bursting into the house, it bit into my wrist the pain was excruciating, it started trying to tear my hand from my arm, as if it was just a toy. Eventually i got my hand free and smacked the dog in the face with weapon I had made,again and again and again. Finally when it was dead I looked at my wrist blood was flowing out really fast, we needed to leave. I grabbed are stuff and sprinted to the van calling Joe and Courtney on the way. Luckily we managed to get in the van. There was 3 seats in the front Joe took the wheel; Courtney in the middle and me by the other window. We set off dogs chasing us, guns firing at us and terror in are mind.

Once we were far enough away we got the map out and started to plan where to go "Kendal's not safe we must go somewhere else." I said. I looked at my wrist which I had wrapped in cloth, it was fine just a few tooth marks.Then we saw a sign 'any survivors prepare for the worst: tsunamis, solders, earthquakes, nukes, anything, just survive' painted on a massive road sign. "others must be out there" Joe said.

We moved onwards, heading towards some safe location eventually we got to a service station, so we got out and went to check it out. The front door was made of glass. It was smashed, so we squeezed through the hole, my pants ripped on the sharp glass. 'Crunch' went the glass under my shoes. I peered round the corner to see piles of body's with bullet holes everywhere "those soldiers must have been here" I said. Suddenly I heard a smash come from the McDonald's section. With my eyes down the sight of my air rifle it was only an air rifle but a shot in the head would surly kill someone and just the sight of a gun would leave someone begging for mercy another smash with a following cry round the corner was a skinny dirty woman covered in blood holding a dead baby. "hello" I shouted "are you ok" "please help me my baby has been shot" she cried I headed towards her and looked at the baby, one shot directly in the stomach, there was a McDonalds apron on the floor. I picked it up and gave it to the woman " wrap up the baby it looks cold" I said. I didn't know how to tell her the baby was dead, so I told her to check its heart beat "it's got no pulse" she sobbed "it's dead isn't it", I nodded and she asked for a shovel and marched outside like she realised crying won't help. we followed her outside to see here digging a small hole for here baby. Once she had finished and put the baby in the hole a picked a large daffodil and put it on the baby.

After 5 Minuets of silence we left giving the women a moment with her dead baby 15 minuets later we saw the women walking towards us through the hole in the glass door of the building, she said "crying won't help, will it?". "No I'm afraid it wont" I replied in a gentile voice. " by the way my names Mary, please can I come with you guys" she asked quietly, "I have a car" she added. "sure" I said "but first we need some sleep, god knows what will happen tomorrow we all laid down on the floor and slowly one by one went to sleep.

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