This is not a story these are one direction imagines.

Some of them will be mine and some will be ones i found on the net that liked

So if it has this-> Aims* then it is one of mine.

If it has this-> Net~ then it is from the internet.

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2. Loved up harry

Net~ and Aims*


Harry comes running in cracking up.

"OMG harlequin, haha baby girl i was just showering when i realised i still had my underwear still on." Harry yells in between laughs.

You look over at harry then down to see harry dripping wet on the floor.

"You get back in the shower silly!" You say smiling.

"Not without you." Harry says with a cheeky wink.

But harry i just had a shower i don't need to..." You get cut off by harry running and throwing you over his shoulder.

"Fair enough if you don't wanna cone in the shower, i'll make you!" He says with a big smile on his face."

And with that he took harlequin into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.


"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Styles Harlequin is pregnant." The doctor says smiling.

Harry grabs you from around the waist and kisses you on the forehead. He then picks you up and twirls you around until your both a little dizzy.

"Harlequin were having a baby Darcy or if it's a boy a baby Micheal." Harry says that cheeky smile clear as day on he's lips.

You giggle and nod happily.

"Yes harry." You say while a signal tear rolls down your face shortly followed by a whole stream of tears of joy.

"Come on, beautiful lets go home." He says carrying you out to the car.


Hope you liked this imagine and remember i am doing personalised imagines so if you want one just comment below your name,boy and where.

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