This is not a story these are one direction imagines.

Some of them will be mine and some will be ones i found on the net that liked

So if it has this-> Aims* then it is one of mine.

If it has this-> Net~ then it is from the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading and remember to like,fan and fav if you want me to do more.
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5. Imagine For India With Harry

Imagine with harry

Its late you and harry are finally alone at home after having a fancy dinner with the boys and their girlfriends. You both go straight up stairs to the bedroom. Harry strips down to his boxers and jumps into bed. You go have a shower, you come out in a pink towel and walk across the room to retrieve one of Harry's shirts from the back of the desk chair, letting the towel slip off you pull the tee over your head. You look up and notice harry staring at you biting his lower lip, you smile and turn off the lights and the room becomes dark with the moon light creeping through the curtains. You hear harry getting out of bed and walking towards you, then you feel his big hands grab at your waist and push you against the wall. He kisses you hard trail off kissing you jaw line right up to your ear. His hands search for the hem of your shirt and he slowly peels it off. His warm skin touches yours, he traces the bottom of your lip with his tongue asking for entrance but you deny him. He quickly takes one of his hands and slides it into your panties and starts rubbing fast and hard, you moan loudly and he takes advantage and sticks his tongue in your mouth. You guide him to the bed and kiss him from his neck down to his boxers and slowly takes them off then you grab his dick and start pulling on it. You can tell he is getting excited and rolls over so now he's on top of you, he pins your hands above your head with one hand and uses the other the to finger you. Getting you super wet and without hesitation enters you so hard you scream a little. He goes faster and faster harder and harder till both of you are moaning loud and non stop. He finally cums inside of you and your thighs buck. He drops down beside you and you warp your legs around him and your bodies become tangled. And you both fall asleep naked.


I hope you like it India and please tell me what you think about it because this is the first time i have done one for someone else. :)

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