This is not a story these are one direction imagines.

Some of them will be mine and some will be ones i found on the net that liked

So if it has this-> Aims* then it is one of mine.

If it has this-> Net~ then it is from the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading and remember to like,fan and fav if you want me to do more.
And i will also do personalised ones so just comment boy,name, and where. And if i comment back i will do it.

Thanks for reading xx


3. Good boy marcel?



"Hey (YOUR NAME) you wanna come over and watch a movie?” your best friend Andy asks you.

"No sorry cant marcels is coming over tonight to tutor me.”

“Marcel, that nerd."

"Yeah and he also said he would teach me something else, but when I questioned him what it was he only winked before walking away.”

"It's probably something about math, he’s such a good boy.”

"yeah your probably right."


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