This is not a story these are one direction imagines.

Some of them will be mine and some will be ones i found on the net that liked

So if it has this-> Aims* then it is one of mine.

If it has this-> Net~ then it is from the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading and remember to like,fan and fav if you want me to do more.
And i will also do personalised ones so just comment boy,name, and where. And if i comment back i will do it.

Thanks for reading xx


1. Fight with Niall



You had a huge fight with your boyfriend Niall earlier on today.

When you finally decided to jump into bed you found yourself not being able to sleep.

When you look over at your clock on your beside table you see that it is 3:45am. Whoa you say to yourself you didn't realise how late it was.

You were just about to try to go sleep again but then you heard the doorbell ring.

Confused as to how would want to come to your house at quarter to 4 in the morning you put on your old jumper and Uggs on and went to the front door.

As you open the door you find Niall standing there holding a huge bundle of red roses in one hand and in the other one he was hold an even bigger teddy bear in the other with the words, I LOVE YOU in cursive on its big round belly.

"Im so sorry (YOUR NAME) i was an complete idiot, will you please forgive me."

With tears rolling down your face you basically jumped in his arms as you start kissing him passionately on the mouth. "I love you Niall James Horan don't you ever forget that."

"I love you too Aimee, forever and always."


This is one of mine that i made up myself so please tell me what what you think about it and remember if you want a personalised one just comment below. :)

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