My Tree

theres this tree...... its not special but it means the world to me. i go there when im sad, angry or depressed. it... helps me get over my emotions and just clears my mind.



1. my tree

To theirs this tree...... I guess you would not call it a magical tree or a special tree. But it's special to me. every day i get bullied or bashed. I go to this 'tree' and just tell the tree all my feeling.


The most special thing about it is that it almost feels like the tree is alive and can acutely listens to feels like, it cares and knows what i'm going through.


This tree may not mean anything to anybody else. But it means something to me. Every single day I would go down to that tree and just sit beneath it and tell w,hat happened in my day. I feel like I am being herd and... like someone is there. but theirs no one.


One day I was getting bullied so much that i could not take anymore. I left school and ran as fast as i could to that tree. I sat my self down and asked the tree 'whats wrong with me'

"nothing because your perfect" the tree replied. I was shocked and scared. I walked around to the other side of the tree and sitting there was a blond hair, blue eyed handsome boy.......

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