Zack and Rose

It all started with a smile. After a week I thought "Heart why him, just why". I couldn't concentrate when he was in any of my classes. I started failing school. I got in so much trouble because I am classified as a perfect child. In my books he is a perfect child.


3. why do boys have to be jerks

About a month later I told Zack that I was pregnant and he said he didn't want anything to do with it. So he broke up with me then and there.

R: what the fuck you introduce me to your parents. Fuck me and get me pregnant and then you brake up with me. There is something wrong with you now. I thought were going to live happily ever after together. But now I have to finish grade 12 being pregnant. Nice to know you care you fucking asshole. You know what when other people call me a slut it hurts but when you called me a slut I didn't feel anything. All I can feel now is a fucking baby inside of me and it's all because of you. When my parents find out they are going to be so fucking pissed at you.

Readers so it is so short but I had to end it somewhere.

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