Zack and Rose

It all started with a smile. After a week I thought "Heart why him, just why". I couldn't concentrate when he was in any of my classes. I started failing school. I got in so much trouble because I am classified as a perfect child. In my books he is a perfect child.


2. That Night

It was after a great dinner a good movie that I went back to Zacks house. I saw he had just gotten a new double King bed in his new house.

Z: what do you want to do

R: I don't know usually I would have sex with my boyfriend. Then brake up with them the next day. But this time it seems different.

Z: that's the same with me only with the ladies. But do you still want to have sex.

R: Sure we both know how it's done so why not.

Z: actually I think we might be rushing things

R: ohh thank god I didn't want to be the one to say that.

So we both just went to bed. In the middle of the night I felt a hand come over my chest. I let him do it but I don't know why. I guess I was desperate. Gradually he moved down then he came back up. Then I turned around slowly. He kissed me on my lips. Then he rolled on top of me and slowly moved up and down. It felt so good.

" ugh zack" I said but then he kissed me.

He took out his penis and started kissing my pussy. Then he started fingering me. Before we knew it we were bothed naked and sweaty. I had to ask him to turn the air-con to 14 degrees because it was so hot. After about an hour we stopped. It was so cold that I had to lay right next to him. But I could feel something digging into my tailbone and before I knew it I turned around and we were at it again. But this time the was a spark that I have never felt before. This time he was no stop kissing me and was feeling my boobs which were massive and we're getting in the way. But then I heard the door open. I told him and he got dressed and went to see who it was. Then I heard him say " hi mum I didn't know you were getting home tonight. I heard his mum going on about her trip to Paris. I don't know why I did it but I put on a nighty and went downstairs. His mum was happy to see that her baby boy had gotten a girlfriend. She came up to the room and felt how cold it was. She said " have you two been having sex because it wouldn't be this cold unless you were sweaty and hot."

Z: I am so sorry mum. I couldn't help myself."

M: no need to be sorry I am glad I was coming to say hi and see how you were"

R: hi I am Rose Zacks girlfriend"

M: hi I hope he is being nice to you yes he is.

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