Zack and Rose

It all started with a smile. After a week I thought "Heart why him, just why". I couldn't concentrate when he was in any of my classes. I started failing school. I got in so much trouble because I am classified as a perfect child. In my books he is a perfect child.


1. It all started with a smile.

Do you know the feeling when someone you like doesn't like you back. Well that's the situation I am in at the moment. There's this kid named Zack. Omg he is so cute. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a muscular build. Ohhhhh he is so dreamy. I thought because that I am the most populist girl in the whole school I would have him. We are in grade 12 at William Ross High and I am school captain, head cheerleader, and the best singer in my school. At the moment Zack is dating Lauren but from my point of view things haven't been going so well lately. He found out that she has a crush on someone else, but he doesn't go to our school. He goes to Iggy. After about a week he broke up with her because she cheated on him. Then something amazing happened. HE ASKED ME OUT. It all went like this:

Z: Hi Rose

R: Hey

Z: I was wondering if .... You would ... You know.... Umm maybe want to go out with me.

R: sure I would love that.... Um I mean sure why not.

Z: Kk great I will pick you up tomorrow at 6:30 we can go to the movies and you can stay at my house if you want.

R: Sure my folks are in New York for 3 months so they won't mind.

Z: Kk see you then bye

R: bye.

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