Liam older brother

Ari is scared. Her stepfather beats her. But she finally get the the chance to escape...did i mention her brother was Liam Payne? Well read more and find out. ( sorry this is a horrible way to describe lol this is my first story xD )


2. chapter 2


As the guys run toward my sister to greet her u see her curl up in a ball on the floor "guys back off your scaring her" her friend Delia tells them. I get down on the floor beside my sister and put one of my arms around her and she looks at me. I can see the pain in her eyes and i noticed a small bruise by her eye " Ari....what happen to you and why did the guys scare you?" I asked her but all she did was stare at me with tears starting fall down her face. I wipe them away and bring her over to the couch that we had in our dressing room. " stepfather..he beats me...that why i came to the concert. To find you and meet you" shes says as she looks at me. Anger starts to build up and i just want find this man and have him arrested. " where is he now" i ask her "he's probably back at the house drinking and waiting for me to return so he can beat me more..." I look at her and i know that i can not let my sister go back there. " Ari would you like to stay with my and the guys and go on tour with us? You and your friend?" I ask her

She looks at me and i can see a small smile appear "if it means i can get away from him and be with brother " she says and i smile and then one of the men from backstage says its time for us to go perform. I tell the guys to go ahead and that i would be right behind them " Ari stay in here until we get back. I will have Paul guard the know. Just incase he shows up or something" i hug her and walk out of the door.


What if he came...what if he found me.. All of these questions where running through my head as I sat in silent waiting on my brother and the other boys " Ari your dad will not find you here. Your safe here." Delia said trying to keep me calm. But i was just to afraid. She was right though. How could my dad even find me here? "Your...your right..." I told her.

The concert was over and the boys just got back to the dressing room. Liam walked over and sat done on the couch beside me. "Ari iv decided to just by you new clothes. I don't want you to have to face your stepfather again" I looked at him and gave him a small smile " Liam that is very nice of you but i stole some of his money before he left" I told him " Ari you are my sister and I want to do this for you and make up for all the time we were apart" he smiles and gives me a hug. "Guys it's time f leave for the hotel" A man walks in and says. We all walk out of the dressing room and me and Delia follow Liam and the others. We saw their huge bus. "This is what all of you ride in on tour?" I ask my brother and he nods and walks inside the bus with me and Delia following him. Liam showed us around and showed us where we could sleep. I decided to get some rest so i went to my bunk and laid down. I fell asleep very fast


"Ari get down her now !! " my stepfather yells "what father" i say as i walk downstairs. I see him pull a knife and he start yelling at me more. I run out of the door but he catches me and i start to scream

(End of dream)

I wake up screaming and i see all the boys standing there looking at me. Liam gets in the bunk with me and holds me to comfort me " Ari it's okay.. Guys go back to bed shes fine" he says. The other boys all walk away back to their bunks. " Liam im so scared he will find me and hurt me again" I say to him " he wont Ari and if he does I will not let him hurt you. I promise" he says and he starts to sing you and I and slowly fall asleep.

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