Liam older brother

Ari is scared. Her stepfather beats her. But she finally get the the chance to escape...did i mention her brother was Liam Payne? Well read more and find out. ( sorry this is a horrible way to describe lol this is my first story xD )


1. chapter 1

Hi my name Ari Payne im 16 and yes sister of Liam Payne from one direction, but the thing is he does not know me and i only have a picture of him. Today at i am going to a one direction concert to escape my abusive step-father...

"ARI PAYNE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE" my step-father yells from downstairs. "Yes father" i said. "You are such a slut and no one will ever love you" he said to me while picking up a knife. When i saw what he was doing i decided to make a run for the stairs. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back and i felt a sharp pain in my arm and i saw that he had stabbed it. He laughs and throws me to the floor and walks out of the house. I get up slowly and walk up stairs to my room. My arm was bleeding pretty bad so i decided to clean it and wrap it up with some cloth. I locked my door and started to pack my bags and i grabbed the one direction tickets that I've been hiding.

After i had everything packed, i stepped out to my balcony and i jumped down into the bushes and called my friend Delia. "Hey I'm by the bus stop. Hurry before he comes back and finds out that i am gone." I hung up and looked around for her and thats when i hear him yelling. I turned around and he was running towards me. "Where do you think your going slut." I run down the road and met Delia half way " what the hell i could have hit you ! " she yells as i was getting into her car. " he found out i was leaving and he was about to grab me" i told her and with that we were off to the concert.

"OMG I CANT WAIT!" my friend yells as we entered the backstage of the concert "me either i just hope my brother will like me and you hurt my ears " i told her "sorry" she says as we were walking and i was not looking ahead of me and i bumped into someone " oh i am so sorry i am such a klutz" i said as i looked at the person i bumped into " don't worry about it love" he said with his British accent of his. When i saw his face it was none other than the face of my brother. Liam Payne.

He held out his hand and i took it" im Liam but your a fan so you may all ready know that " he smiles. " hi Liam I'm Ari...Ari Payne..your sister" his smile disappears and he pulled me into a hug " i cant believe its really you. I only have a picture of you so i knew you looked familiar " he said while hugging me. " omg i have a picture of you too" i said and i did not realize i was crying until he wiped away a tear. " come. You and your friend can meet the rest of the boys " he said grabbing my hand and pulling me along.

We came to a door thats said one direction and as my brother opened it, four faces looked at me and my friend and smiled " guys this is my sister Ari. The one in the picture that i showed all of you " he says while pointing at me. They all look at me and started running towards me and it scared me. I did the thing that i always did when people run at me. I sat onto the floor and curl into a ball. "Guys back off your scaring her" Delia says. Thats when i felt hands holding me. I look up to see my brother with a worried look. Time for some explaining.

Sooo please tell me what you think. This is my first movella so i hope it's not too bad

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