The Unknown Potter

We all know Harry Potter's story,but what if he had a sister?A twin.No one knew about her under the circumstancesd Remus Lupin had her when Voldemort attacked her family.Ever since she's been living with her Aunt and Uncle along side her brother.


10. Year Two-Chapter Ten

     "Harry.Be quiet."I shushed him walking into our room,my dress skirt flowed a little as I spun."Very nice,Tiger."I smiled."Harry Potter!"I heard Uncle Vernon."What've you done now?"I asked and followed him downstairs."Here."I say and fix Dudley's bow tie."Where'd you learn that?"Aunt Petuna asked."I grew up with you,did I not?"I asked."You did."She smiled and placed a firm hand on my shoulder."Uncle Vernon,Harry and I share friends."I say and look up at him."Neither of us have gotten letters from them.They promised to write."I but into the conversation.Uncle Vernon looked at me."Oh dear you don't need to share with him."I nodded."I'm not.He's sharing with me."I say placing one of my bangs to the side.You see over summer I grew two inches if not three,I got my hair cut in layers and added front bangs.My clothes now filed with dresses,pleated skirts,jeans,and cute but simple tee shirts;along with two pairs of sneakers,eight pairs of flats,three pairs of heels,and one pair of combat boots.My jackets are now more up lifting and chic as Aunt Petuna put it,much less than the varsity jackets I had been wearing for the past twelve years,I still own a few though.

        We sat with Mr and Mrs.Mason as we heard banging."Don't mind that."Uncle Vernon said."It's our cat."I say."Our cat,Tiger."Uncle Vernon said."You named your cat after your daughter?"Yep,that's what I am right now."Oh No.Tiger is a nick name."I say."My real name is Tyler."I say quickly."I see why you liked to be called Tiger."Mr.Mason said."Tiger,dear please go see what is going on with the cat."I nodded and stood up running straight to mine and Harry's room."Harry!House elf?"I say."Dobby,Mistress."Dobby said."Oh hello Dobby.Call me Tiger."I say and went to shake his hand."Shake hands?"He asked.I nodded smiling.He grabbed my hand smiling and shook it.

        I sat in our room on the chair.I had placed my trunk next to me and was dressed.I mean I had to find a way to break out.I heard a noise and looked to see the flying car and three red heads."Harry."I whsipered and threw my stuffed teddy at him.He opened his eyes and looked outside."Ron!" "Hiya Harry!"I smiled wide at the three idiots."You three are idiots."I say.They frown a little."Geniuses but idiots."I say and pull Harry back as they hook to the bars and pull.I got in first sitting next to George.Harry went to step in but Uncle Vernon grabbed him.I grabbed Harry's arm and handed George Hedwig.I pulled Harry up as Uncle Vernon fell."Thanks."Harry said."You guys are seriously the most idiotic trio of gryffindor brothers.And I'll thank you later."I say hugging George and Fred then to Ron."Oh,and Happy Birthday you two."

        "It's not much.But it's home."Ron said biting whatever he grabbed."I think it's-" "Brilliant."Harry finished for me."I was gonna say that."I whined.Before he had a chance to respond Mrs.Weasley appeard."Where have you been!?!"She yelled."Oh hello Harry,Tiger.Nice to see you two."I smiled."I wake up and the bed's empty,no note,and the car's gone!"She said looking at her three."Of course I don't blame you two."I looked at Harry."But they had bars on their window." "You best hope I don't put bars on your window Ronald Weasley."I let out a small laugh."Breakfast?"Mrs.Weasley asked walkng into the kitchen"So Tiger,Ron has told me all about you."I looked at Ron who's cheeks were flushed."Has he?I hope good things."She nodded."Very good.You're even prettier than he explained and oh god you could be my daughter with hair like that."I smiled."I noticed that."I say with a smile sitting in between Fred and George."The twins also mentioned those green eyes."I looked up at her."Brightest in Hogwarts."George said grabbing my chin to look at my eyes."They truly are amazing."Mrs.Weasley said."Thank you."I say with a smile.Mrs.Weasley sat a plate infront of Harry and I."Mum,Mummy,do you know where my jumper is?"I heard Ginny's voice."Oh yes dear,on the cat."I looked up to see Ginny staring at Harry.I snickered with Fred and George."I'll help you find it Ginny."I say and follow her upstairs."When'd you two get here?"She asked quckly placing a pair of jeans on her bed with a cute shirt."This morning."I say as she removes her jumper from the cat."Where'd you get your jacket?"She asked noticing the 'Gryffindor' on the back."I made it."I say."Without magic?"I nodded."Without magic."She smiled."Make me one?"I nodded."Later.Get dressed."I say and leave,going downstairs."Did she find her jumper?"I nodded."She did."I smiled and took my seat again."Morning Weasley's!"I looked up to see Mr.Weasley take a seat."And who are you two?"He asked looking between Harry and I."Harry-" "And Tiger-" "Potter"Harry and I said in unison."Are you?"He asked."Well Ron's told us all about you.Now you two must know all about Muggles.Now tell what exactly is the function of a rubber duck." "It's a kids bath toy meant to distract them while you bathe them.It squeaks too and some squ-"I stopped and turned to watch an owl hit the window.Everyone kind of had a look of disgust."Percy fetch the mail."Mrs.Weasley said."Oh look our hogwarts letters.They've sent Tiger and Harry's too." "Dumbledore must know you're here."I looked over it my eyes scanning it."What clothes do you need Tiger?"Mrs.Weasley asked."I've got half of it unintentionally."I say."Petunia,my aunt,took me shopping.She treated me differently then Harry." "Almost like her daughter?"I nodded."But it wasn't stuff I would wear."I say."She bought girly things."I say."Well maybe you can fit into Ginny's clothes."I shrugged."Maybe."

        We stood in Flourish&Blotts as Hermione and Harry came over."Oh thank heavens,Harry."I say pulling him into a hug."Harry Potter."I rolled my eyes a this Lockhart guy and looked up."George."I say and point up."Malfoy."He whispers and pointed him out to Fred."Go wait outside,kids."I grabbed Ginny's hand and we walked out."Can't show up anywhere without making the front page can you Potter."Harry and I both looked over."Bug off Malfoy."I say."Oh and You-"He pointed at me getting his finger extremely close to my collar bone."You can't go one day without looking at me can you."I rolled my eyes."I went a whole Summer didn't I?"I asked."Bet you thought about me." "Yeah,murdering you."I say with my teeth clented."Leave her alone!"Ginny said standing in front of me."Got yourself a body guard Tiger?"I rose an eyebrow."And here.I didn't think you knew my name."

        "Mr.Weasley!"I say with a smile."Brilliant,Dad!"Ron complimented his dad."No one messes with the Weasleys."I smiled.So much love."I looked to see Draco glaring at me."Gosh,it seems like he's the one who can't go a day with out looking at you."I turned to Fred."Yeah."

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