The Unknown Potter

We all know Harry Potter's story,but what if he had a sister?A twin.No one knew about her under the circumstancesd Remus Lupin had her when Voldemort attacked her family.Ever since she's been living with her Aunt and Uncle along side her brother.


11. Year Two-Chapter Eleven

        "Have you seen Harry?"I asked Hermione as I placed my stuff in hers and Ginny's compartment."No.Haven't seen Ron either."I sigh."I'm gonna go look for Harry." "Before you leave.This is a present for your birthday,it's late."I laughed and sat down in front of Hermione."Here."She said and handed my a gryffindor bracelet with my name and BEST on it."I have one too but it has my name and FRIENDS on it."I smiled at Hermione."We need a FOREVER for Ginny."I said looking at her."Really?"Ginny asked."Of course."I say and smile before walking out.I walked around before going to the Slytherin."Oi!Parkinson!"I yelled leaning on the end."What do you want Potter?"Everyone turned to look at me."Have you seen my twin?"I chorus of no's fell from a bunch of Slytherins."Very well."I say and turn around running straight into something."Potter."Someone sneered.I rubbed my forehead and looked up to see Malfoy."Yes?"I asked standing up."What are you doing here?"I shrugged."Looking for my brother."I say and walked away.I plopped down in the seat across from Ginny."No luck?" "No luck."I confirmed before laying my head on Hermione's shoulder and closing my eyes.

        "Tiger."I opened my eyes to see Ginny,Hermione,Fred,George,and Lee staring at me."What." "Get dressed we have about fifteen minutes."I nodded and walked out after grabbing my bag.I walked to the Gryffindor Girls bathroom and quickly changed into my uniform.I smiled with satisfactory and french braided my hair into a cute bun.I smiled and then made a face and quickly reapplied my under-eye make-up I was using to keep my friends from asking about my sleep.I sighed and walked out only to run into Lavender Brown."Hello."I say trying to keep back my sneer."Hello Tiger Lily.I do hope we get roomed again this year!"She squealed.I made a face and nodded."Me too,but if you don't mind,I must go.Goodbye Lavender."I say and wave before running off.

        "Ginny Weasley."I smiled as she sat on the stool."GRYFFINDOR!"Of course Fred,George,Ron,Percy,and others stood up,either clapping or hooting.Ginny took a seat next to me and I hugged her."Fl-" "Professor Dumbledore!"I heard the angry shouting coming from a well know professor,Snape. turned to see him dragging Ron and Harry,who weren't in uniform and were clouded with dirt and scratches.I looked over at my friends and they kinda scooted away.I was pissed.When we get to the common room I'm yelling.
        "HARRY JAMES POTTER!"I screamed."You are in complete aware of what this means?"I asked.Harry nodded."Good.I'm telling Molly.She'll know about both of you before the teachers can even sign their names on the letter."I yelled.I heard a gulp.I ran my hand through my red hair."And you!"I pointed at Ron."You,out of all people,should know.Magic is not to be used until the age of seventeen,and flying the bloody magic car,I think breaks all laws of wizardry."I could see from the corner of my eye the Weasley's shock and Hermione impressed."I'm going to go speak to Professor McGonagall about two extra weeks cleaning the great hall after breakfast and lunch and an early curfew."Harry stared at me quite used to me getting him in to a punishment while Ron gawked."Harry!Do something!She's your sister."I rolled my eyes."Accept it Ron."I said and grabbed the paper I had angrily written twenty minutes before hand.
        "I agree Ms.Potter.They'll start attending to the early curfew and cleaning tomorrow."I nodded."Thank you for understanding."I said and walked out going straight to the owlery."Hedwig."I called out.Hedwig hooted."Get this to Mrs.Weasley,quickly."I say and pet his beak before handing him the rolled up paper.I walked back to the common room,everyone was huddled by the fire waiting my news."Harry and Ron will start attending to an hour early curfew and cleaning the Great Hall tomorrow."I say."Goodnight."I called and walked upstairs.I walked into my dorm and saw Ginny,Hermione,Pavarti Patil,her twin Padma,and Katie Bell.I smiled,no Lavender."You are one tough sister."Katie said."I've been dealing with it for the past twelve years."I say and smile."I thought you were the little sibling."Angelina Johnson said coming in."Sometimes I have to be the big little sister."I said.They all laughed."You should try for quidditch Tiger."Katie suddenly said.I shook my head."I'm more like my mom,smart,brave,and tolerating Harry like she did my dad." "How do you know all this?"Padma asked."Yeah,you never fully explained this whole dad's friend thing."Hermione agreed.I just shrugged."I guess I have memories stored some way that they find their way to me.I briefly remember playing hide n seek and then the next we were rushing back to my house under strict orders.We got there and I guess it was a twin thing but I knew what had happened,the bright green light that took both my parents before I could even really know them."I say a frown."I remember the stories about their years in hogwarts.All the time i would hear about the stupid pranks my father pulled to impress my mom.Mom always added that she had let him take her to hogsmede on Saturday in fifth year and fell in love.I found it interesting how she just let herself fall after one or two dates."I said a small smile making it way back up.I didn't realize I had been gripping the locket around my neck until I looked down."You miss them."Pavarti said."A day doesn't go by when I don't wish I could speak to them,tell them about my crazy friends,wish them a happy holiday,or even just hug them.I would kill just to hear them wish me a happy birthday."I said wiping my cheeks."Oh,Tiger."They all hugged me.I laughed."You,my friends,are amazing."I tell them."But it is almost curfew and we need to have lights out in ten minutes."Goodnight Angelina."I said waving."Goodnight Tiger,Hermione,Pavarti,Padma,Katie."She said with a wave and left.

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