The Unknown Potter

We all know Harry Potter's story,but what if he had a sister?A twin.No one knew about her under the circumstancesd Remus Lupin had her when Voldemort attacked her family.Ever since she's been living with her Aunt and Uncle along side her brother.


3. Year One-Chapter Three

        Hermione and I sat our books down and stood next to the brooms laid out."Good afternoon,class."Madam Hooch greeted."Good afternoon,Madam Hooch."The class echoed in unison."Welcome to your first flying lesson."She welcomed with a smile."Well what are you waiting for?Everyone step to the left of their brooms."We all did so,some slow,some eager."C'mon now!Now place you right hand above the broom and say 'Up!',Alright everyone!"We all tried Harry and I getting it on the first time.Ron got hit in the face causing Harry and I to snicker."Oh hush up you two."He grumbled before trying again."Now once you've got a hold of your broom,I want you to mount it and grip it tight.You don't want to be sliding off the end."She said inspecting us."When I blow my whistle,I want you each to kick of the ground,hard.Keep your broom steady,hover for a minute,then lean forward slightly,and touch back down.On my whistle..One..Two.."She blew her whistle and we did as she told but Neville got out of control."Mr.Longbottom.Mis-Mis-Mister Longbottom!"She yelled as he rose.The class shouted down at him as he kept raising."Neville!"Harry and I shouted."Help!Help!"Neville responded."Madam Hooch,I think he's lost control."I note placing my hand above my eyes to keep from the sun.As soon as I said that Madam Hooch's face hit realization and Neville hit a wall."Mr.Longbott-" "Ow."He moaned out holding his arm."Is he alright?"I asked stepping closer."Out of the way!Everyone!"We all stepped aside and let Madam Hooch look at it."Oh, oh, oh. Oh, dear, it's a broken wrist. Poor boy. Come on now, up you get. Everyone is to keep their feet firmly on the ground while I take Mr. Longbottom to the hospital wing. Understand? If I see a single broom in the air, the one riding it will find themselves out of Hogwarts before they can say 'Quidditch'. "She said helping Neville.Draco grabbed the remembrall and smirked hovering on his broom."Did you see his face?Maybe if the fat lump had given this a squeeze,he would've remembered not to fall on his fat arse."I glared at him and stepped closer."Give it here Malfoy."I say holding out my hand.He looked at my hand grabbed my wrist and pushed it down.The same thing I did to him when I met him."No,I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find.How about the roof?"He paused looking at Harry."What's the problem Potter?A bit beyond your reach?"Harry grabbed his broom and Hermione and I looked at him."Harry!No way!You heard what Madam Hooch said!"I say."Besides!You don't even know how to fly!"Hermione added."Give it back Malfoy,or I'll knock you off your broom."Malfoy shrugged at Harry."Have it your way."Harry flew off after the remembrall."What an idiot."Hermione and I say at the same time grabbing our books.As he came down everyone hi-fived Harry and he smiled."Harry!Harry Potter!"McGonagall yelled out running toward him."Oh no."I muttered.Harry threw the remembrall at me in which I caught and shoved into the bag I had been using.

        "How is it you just happen to get seeker?"I ask my brother,placing a few books in front of me."I don't know.I mean.I've never played quidditch before.What if I make a fool out of myself." "You can't make a fool out of yourself."Hermione says."It's in your blood."Harry and I look at eachother before she sighs and drags us with Ron following."See there.James Potter." "You never told me your guys' father was seeker,too!"Ron exclaimed."We..." "Didn't know."I finished for Harry.

        I walked into the common room and sat down on the couch.I place the book 'Carrie' on my lap and smiled."What's that?"George said sitting next to me."A book."I say placing a finger under the word I was reading."What kind?"He asked reading a few words."Some horror.Some gruesome."I say watching as his brother takes a seat next to me."Horror and gruesome?Aren't you eleven!?"They asked."I've read this thing hundreds of times.I find it easy to relate too.All but the blood you see.Her mother locks her in a closet filled with bibles,pictures of Jesus,and tons of crosses to think about the sins she had done.A guy she likes ends up asking the girl,Carrie,to prom,because his girlfriend felt bad for her.This dude's girlfriend's best friend gets jealous because she got banned from the prom and spills pig blood all over her.Carrie has these telekinetic powers and ends up killing like half the town."I explain closing the book."What was the sin?"Fred asked."She has swim class at school and is forced to shower with other girls.She got her period in the middle of showering and blood is the Puritanism of a sin."I say."What's wrong with showering with the other girls?"I roll my eyes."Her mother doesn't believe that being anything other than straight is good.So her showering with other girls means that she was most likely having sinful thoughts about them too,in her mothers' mind."I say."Gross."George finally mumbles."Depends.You want a girlfriend?"He looked at me."All girls go through a freaking period."I say."With mood-swings and food craving and cramps and it's all because you didn't get pregnant."George nods."Have you had your period?"I shook my head."No."I say and reopen my book trying not to let the embarrassment rise to my cheeks.

        "Where have you been!?"I ask Harry,Ron and Hermione as the run in.My hands are on my hips as I stand still in my uniform."I was worried and had Fred and George go looking for you."I say hugging my brother.He sighs and hugs back.I move to Ron then Hermione."Harry,I did your work knowing you."I say handing him a few pages."Wish my sister were that nice."I smiled at Ron."Well Hermione and I need to get to sleep.Goodnight boys."I call out pulling Hermione with me.We got up stairs and changed out of our uniforms and into pajamas.Again I hung my robe on the edge and my slippers by the bed along with my locket on the dresser."Goodnight."I say blowing out our candle."Goodnight."

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