The Unknown Potter

We all know Harry Potter's story,but what if he had a sister?A twin.No one knew about her under the circumstancesd Remus Lupin had her when Voldemort attacked her family.Ever since she's been living with her Aunt and Uncle along side her brother.


1. Year One-Chapter One

Tiger Lily Potter

        "But there is no Platform Nine and Three-Quarters."My brother said before realizing Hagrid was gone."Tiger?Do you know of such thing?"I shook my head."Maybe it's a magic thing."I say before noticing kids run through this wall.I pointed it out and Harry asked the woman if she could show us how."Muggle-born?"The youngest I suggest asked me.I shook my head."Our parents"I say watching Harry run through."Want me to go with you?"She asked and I nodded."Please?"She grabbed my trolley and we ran through.My green eyes took in every inch of the platform."Amazing isn't it?Oh and I'm Ginny."I smiled."It is.My name is Tiger!"I say just as enthusiastic as her.She smiles."Those are my brother's,Ron,Fred & George,and Percy.I have two others Bill and Charlie."I nodded."C'mon Tiger."Harry said tugging my arm."Bye Ginny."She smiled.I followed Harry onto the train and took a seat with him."Can I sit here?"I nodded at Ginny's brother."I'm Ron,Ron Weasley." "Harry,Harry Potter!This is my sister Tiger."I smiled."Tiger?"I nodded."My dad came up with it.My middle name is Lily so..."He nodded."So do you really have the scar?"Ron asked.I rolled my eyes and huffed.Harry lifted his hair and showed the scar.I sighed."Do you have a scar?"I shook my head."My dad's good friend,Remus was watching me at the time.We got there right after the jest of everything."He nods."So I saw you getting along with Ginny."I nodded."She's sweet and adorable too."I say with a smile."Anything from the trolley?"I look at Ron."No,I'm good."Harry sighs and pulls out money."We'll take the lot."I hit Harry."Harry,there are other kids.Only give us half.We won't eat it all anyway."I say standing up to help her grab somethings.

        I look at Ron disgustingly as he shoves more candy into his mouth.I open the chocolate frog and grab it as it jumps."It's not real,is it?"I ask."No.Of course not!That would be mad!"I roll my eyes and bite the frog's head off.Ron stares at me in horror."Bloody Hell woman!"I nodded."I'll be right back."I say walking out.I walked around and soon found the trolley lady with two of Ginny's brothers."Oh Tiger you need anything?"She asked.I eyed over the candy and grabbed two chocolate frogs."Here you go."I said handing her the coins.she went on and the boys eyed me."You were talking to Ginny this morning."I nodded."And I'm sitting with Ron."I say opening the frog and biting it's head off."I'm Fred." "And I'm George."I rolled my eyes."If you're planning to trick me on who's who it won't work.Ginny pointed you each out and I've already got the differences besides the fact that your eyes are different shades."I say placing one hand on my hip and biting the frog again."Well then."George said.I nodded and turned around."Why don't you sit with us?"I heard yelled out.I turned back around and stared at them."I would much rather be sitting with my twin until I get this whole thing."I say and walk back to my brother.
        Once we get off the train I flatten my skirt."Hagrid!"Harry shouted."Hello Harry.Tiger."He said,noting me."Hello."I say."Get on the boats.Three at a time."Harry and Ron joined some random dude so I joined a frizzy haired girl."I'm Hermione!"I smiled."Tiger!"She smiled."Unique name."I nodded and we got off the boats after Hermione talked my ear off with knowledge about Hogwarts.I sighed once I found Harry."Made a friend.She's to smart."I say before a teacher comes over."Alright Children.I'm Professor McGonagall."She says as she opens a scroll."Welcome to Hogwarts.Now,in a few moments you will pass through these doors and join your classmates,but before you take your seats,you will be sorted into your houses.They are Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,and Slytherin.Now while you're here,your house will be like your family.You triumphs will earn you points.Any rule breaking,and you will lose points.At the end of the year the house with the most points is awarded house cup."Then a boy jumps out grabbing a toad."Trevor!"A few kids snickered.The boy looked up and apologized.Professor McGonagall sighed."The sorting will began momentarily."She added and walked away."So it's true then,what they were saying on the train."We all turn to look at a platinum blonde haired boy."Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts."Everyone gasped and started talking.He walked and stood in front of us."This is Crabbe,and Goyle.And I'm Malfoy.Draco Malfoy."Ron and I snickered."Think my name's funny,do you?No need to ask yours.Red-hair,hand-me-down robe.You must be a Weasley."He said eyeing Ron.I glared at him.Who does he think he is?"You'll soon find out that some wizarding families are better than others,Potter.You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort."He said holding his hand out."I can help you there."I pushed his wrist down and stared at him."I think we can tell the wrong sorts for ourselves-"Harry cut me off with a "Thanks" finishing my sentence.Professor McGonagall came over and tapped Malfoy's shoulder."Follow me,please."She said still eyeing Malfoy.

        I stood next to my Harry and Hermione watching kids get sorted."Hermione Granger!"She took a deep breath and and mumbled a few words."Mental that one,I'm telling you."I rolled my eyes and waited."GRYFFINDOR!"The table cheered and Hermione skipped off."Draco Malfoy!"He sat on the stool and before the hat was placed on it head it yelled out a pure "SLYTHERIN!"Receiving a smirk from Malfoy."There's not a witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin."Ron whispered to Harry and I."Susan Bones!"Harry hissed and let out a soft ow."Harry?What is it?"I asked."Nothing.It's nothing,I'm fine."I nodded but kept my eyes on him a little longer."HUFFLEPUFF!"That table burst out in to claps as Susan bound over."Ronald Weasley!"Ron took in a breath and walked up."Hmm Another Weasley...I know just where to place you.GRYFFINDOR"The table burst out including a few hoots from his brother."Harry Potter!"The place became very silent.A few mumbles from the hat and my brother before it screamed out."GRYFFINDOR!"I smiled knowing that's where both our parents were."Tiger Potter!"People started whispering as I walked up and sat on the stool."Unknown ayye?No famous scar like Harry.You seem to be an awful lot like your mother but you've got that prankster side of your father.Any plans of quidditch in there?" "No.I like books more."I answered the hat."Oh well you are just like your mother than.Let's place you in..."It paused."GRYFFINDOR!"I let out the breath I had been holding and walked over to sit next to my brother and Hermione."Another Potter?"An Irish accent asked,I nodded."Just more under the dirt."I say grabbing a few things to eat before the twins toss something on my plate."Take that death candy away from me."I mutter."It's not death." "It's a prank.I would know."I say handing them the prank back."Have fun trying to prank my sister.She's pretty smart and knows every prank and joke known to human life."Harry says ruffling my red hair I pulled from the braid earlier."Stop that."I say fixing it back.

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