The Unknown Potter

We all know Harry Potter's story,but what if he had a sister?A twin.No one knew about her under the circumstancesd Remus Lupin had her when Voldemort attacked her family.Ever since she's been living with her Aunt and Uncle along side her brother.


5. Year One-Chapter Five

        I was walking around with Harry,Hermione and Ron not really paying attention to their conversation with Hagrid until they mentioned a three-headed dog."Woah.What?"I asked."When did you encounter a three-headed dog?"I asked."When she get here?"Ron asked.I rolled my eyes."She's been here the whole time."Hermione mentioned."Yes when did you learn about Fluffy?"Hagrid asked."Fluffy!That thing has a name?"Ron asked."Of course it does,It's mine.I bought him off an Irish feller I met at the pub last year.Them I lent him to Dumbledore to guard the.."He stopped."Yes?"Harry asked."I shouldn't have said that.No more questions!Don't ask anymore questions.That's top-secret, that is."Hagrid said walking down to his hut."But Hagrid,what ever Fluffy's guarding,Snape's trying to steal it!"Harry exclaimed.
"Codswallop!Professor Snape is a Hogwarts teacher."Hagrid said getting annoyed."Hogwarts teacher or not!I know a spell when I see one!I've read all about them.You've got to keep eye contact, and Snape wasn't blinking!"Hermione exclaimed.My god these three will get themselves expelled one day and I'm gonna get pulled into it."Now,you listen to me,all four of you."I looked at him taken back.I just wanted to know when they encountered Fluffy."You're meddlin' in things not to be meddled in.It's dangerous!What the dog's guarding is strict business between Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel!"His eyes widen."Nicolas Flamel?"Harry and I questioned."I shouldn't have said that.I should not have said that.I shouldn't have said that."Hagrid said walking away."Nicolas Flamel?"Harry questioned."Who's Nicolas Flamel?"I asked."I don't know."Hermione let out turning on her heel to walk back to the castle.We shrugged and followed her.
        The ghosts were singing as we sat in the Great Hall."Merry Christmas,Merry Christmas.Ring a Hogwart bell.Merry Christmas,Merry Christmas,Cast a Christmas spell."I smiled watching them sing and dance around in the air.I sat next to Harry on the ground and sighed.They were playing Wizarding Chess."That's totally barbaric!"Hermione shrieked watching them."That's Wizarding Chess"I explain."I see you've packed."Ron pointed out Hermione's bags."I see you haven't."Hermione sneered back.I stood up."I'll go grab mine.Harry if I get any presents here send them to Hermione's.I'm staying with her for break."I say running up to my dormitory and grabbing my things then walked back down stares making sure Shatter had food and water for the train ride back."Not in the restricted section."Hermione told the boys grabbing Shatter's cage and walking out."Bye Harry,Bye Ron.Happy Christmas."I say kissing my brother's cheek and following Hermione out.

        On the train Hermione and I talked about random books and places we would love to be."I want to travel to Ireland or Scotland.I mean they both seem like lovely places with some open land."I explain looking up from Carrie."That sounds nice,What about America?"She asked.I shrugged."I wonder about other places here in London you know."I say playing with my cardigan."Yeah,same.Maybe when we're older and have kids and husbands we can go on an adventure."I smiled at Hermione as the train came to a stop."My parents can't get through the barrier as they're muggles but they wait for me most of the time.Come on."I followed her out of the barrier and we found her parents."Hermione!"They called out hugging her."Oh and you must be Tiger!Hermione has told us so much about you."I smiled."Same for you."I say."I'm Monica and this is my husband Wendell."I smiled."Nice to meet you."We walked to their car and placed our things in the trunk while I kept Shatter on my lap.

        Hermione and I were dancing around her room laughing quite loudly."Girls.Time for bed.We've got to open presents tomorrow."We nodded."Goodnight girls."Monica said blowing out the candles we had lit in Hermione's room."Goodnight."We said in unison.Hermione had a trundle bed so I was sleeping on the bottom one."Goodnight Tigerlily."I smiled."Goodnight Mione."I've taken the pleasure to calling Hermione,'Mione' since she kept calling me 'Tigerlily.'Not as in Both my first and middle name but as the flower.
        "Wake up."I whispered into Hermione's ear."Mione.It's Christmas."That's all it took.She sat up and smiled."Happy Christmas,Tigerlily!"I smiled."Happy Christmas,Mione!"We ran downstairs to find her parents sitting by the tree."Morning Girls.Come open your gifts then we'll eat."We smiled at Wendell and sat by the tree."This ones for you Mione."I said handing her the present from me."As for you!"She said handing me her gift to me.We opened them.I had gotten Hermione a few books and a locket with a moving picture of us in it from the fourth day of school.Hermione get me some chocolate frogs and a photo album.I opened it and it had a moving picture of her,Ron,and Harry.I smiled."Thank you Mione.Oh and I have a matching locket just different picture."She smiled."Look.Two others for you."She said handing me them.I opened the un-noted one and picked up the note.'You're mum had this.Never let it out of her sight.Even when she was with your dad.I suggest you do the same.She wanted you to have this.Use it wisely.-S.B.'I showed Hermione the note and she looked at me confused."What's in there?"I picked up what was in there and gasped."A time-turner!"She smiled."You're mum had a time-turner?"Hermione asked inspecting it.I nodded."Now open the other one."I opened it to see three objects."A book with no title,A blanket with no seams,and a two single memories placed into one vial?"Hermione asked confused."One must truly wait before the secrets unbind themselves."I said looking at the note."Wonder what that means."I say."I don't know."

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