My First Love


1. the break up

Hi im Annie Wilson I go to west Beverly hills high, my best friends are Naomi, Silver and Adrianna, im going out with Ethan AKA Naomi's Ex Boyfriend, he is smart and funny and omg sooo hot and right now I am going over to his house to see him as a surprise because I just came back from Paris to see my mum in hospital.

I slowly open the door to his house and think no ones there until I hear a loud scream... a girl scream coming from his room and I think its his mum again like last time when there was a rat so I slowly make my way upstairs making sure to be very quiet, I open his door wide open and see Ethan in bed with another girl and I scream "WHAT THE HELL, WHO IS SHE, DOESNT MATTER WE ARE OVER!" I bolted down stairs with tears in my eyes and leave the house not even bothering to look back, finally I make it home and I just go upstairs and cry into my pillows, about 5 minutes later  Naomi comes in screaming and jumping "WE JUST GOT INVITED TO THE MASQUEADE BALL" when she stops she notices me crying and comes up to me" what's wrong babe" " Ethan is an ass whole" she laughs abit at that and says" soo.... are u coming to the ball" "i don't have a date or a dress though" "i already brought you one its at my house and we are both single so u are my date" i laugh typical Naomi "ok lets go to your house to get ready" " your careate awaits" i laugh.


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