Never Give Up

Hello everyone, my name is Judy Feng Liu. As you can tell I am a Chinese. In addition to my being a translator and interpreter, I am also a writer.
I am a stubborn person and never give up in my life. So, I would like to talk about this subject with you.


3. Never Give Up - (3) Job Interview

Never Give Up

- (3) Job Interview


Hello everyone, it’s me again, Judy Feng Liu.

Let’s continue to talk about not giving up.

After sending your resume to some companies, you might get some interviews with them.

But after talking to them, they never tell you to go to their companies to work.

You might be sad again. You might think that you are worthless again. You might want to give up looking for new opportunities again.

You feel alone, you cry, you don’t want to get up from your bed, you want to be drunk.

That’s right, you can be sad, you can cry, you can even get drunk, but after crying for a couple of hours, you should tell yourself to stop crying, stop being drunk, stop being sad. You should get up because you are not worthless, you are not! You just need to figure out why those companies didn’t ask you to go to work for them. You just need to find out the reasons, and then solve them.

Remember, every problem can be solved; every weakness can be conquered. So, after you find out the reasons, you can solve them. And then you can get the job which you wanted. Trust me, trust yourself.

There is a saying in Chinese, “stand up from where you fall down.” I think it’s very useful to tell yourself once you encounter difficulties, once you meet with setbacks, once you suffer defeats.

Say this saying to yourself, telling yourselfin a mirror: I am the best, I can do it. I will never, ever give up.

Okay then, thank you for listening, welcome to contact me if you want to say something to me. I would like to listen to your stories.

See you next time, my dear friends. Have a good day!


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