Never Give Up

Hello everyone, my name is Judy Feng Liu. As you can tell I am a Chinese. In addition to my being a translator and interpreter, I am also a writer.
I am a stubborn person and never give up in my life. So, I would like to talk about this subject with you.


2. Never Give Up - (2) Apply for a Job

Never Give Up

- (2) Apply for a Job

Hello everyone, it’s me again, Judy Feng Liu.

Let’s continue to talk about not giving up.

When you graduate from your school and you want to find a job. You might write down a resume and send it to some companies.

But, after several days, you might not get any reply.

So, you might question yourself, you might get sad. And you might think that you could not get a job you like. And you might want to give up.

But, I say, do not give up! Trust yourself!Of course, you can be sad, you can cry, but just do not give up!

If you meet this kind of situation, according to my own experience, firstly, you should think whether you have written your resume well, if not, find some samples on the internet and then rewrite yours according to their rules and advice.

Secondly, you should think whether you have been looking for the wrong way. Maybe your knowledge is not suit to the jobs you want. If so, you should choose some job vacancies suit you.

And thirdly, highlight your strength.

And then, send your resumes to some companies. I assume you can get one even though you have to do these progresses again and again.

You might be sad and sad over and over, but just do not give up. You can get it. You just need to figure out what suits you, and write down your new resume, if you can, you can also learn something you are interested.

Please remember, whenever you have whatever problems, do not give yourself up! You CAN conquer it. You CAN do it well.

Trust yourself. Tell yourself in a mirror: I am the best, I can do it. I will never, ever give up!

Okay then, thank you for listening, welcome to contact me ( if you want to say something to me. I would like to listen to your stories.

See you next time, my dear friends. Have a good day!


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