Krabby Fatties

Mr. Krabs (A.K.A, Cheapskate Krabs) thought of the unexpected idea of changing Krabby Patties to Krabby Fatties!
Though on the other hand, Plankton has the most evil idea he has ever had to get the Secret Formula.

Will Plankton get the Formula and rule the world? Read to find out!


2. The Safe

Plankton opened the latch, but as he opened it, it made the slightest creak................

"That sounds like the creak of me Krabby Patty Formula Latch being opened!" Mr. Krabs cried with fear. He hurried over to his office. Plankton heard Mr. Krabs claws scuttling on the wood, so he quickly got inside the Krabby Patty Formula Safe and hid in there. When Mr. Krabs arrived at his office, he got distracted by his shiny, gold money and started gazing at it. 

Inside the Krabby Patty Formula Safe, (also known as the KPFS)  Plankton was grabbing hold of the secret formula with his stubby paws. "Today is the day that this formula will change my life! I will rule the world!!!!!" shouted Plankton.

But the door unexpectedly shut. Plankton was stuck in there forever. Forever.

"Well, at least im with my precious little Krabby Patty Secret Formula!" Plankton blurts out.

Back at the kitchen, Spongebob was trying out new methods on how to cook the Krabby Fatties.

"Hmmm, maybe I could get some slime from Gary? Or I think I should put the grease from the patties? Grease is fatty, Mr Krabs would like that! " Spongebob thought to himself.

So Spongebob gathered up the grease from every Patty he made and put it in the bun.

He made so many burgers they were selling like hot cakes! But there wasn't any more grease so Spongebob had to make more Patties.

"Let's make some 'greasy' patties!" Spongebob said.

"Wait, I have totally forgotten how to make the patties!" Spongebob shouted and then went into his panic mode.

"Oh Spongebob, what is it now!?" Squidward shouted at him.

"It's just that, I f-f-f-forgot how to m-m-m-make Krabby Patties!" Spongebob cried then collapsed onto the floor. 

"Well don't just sit there crying! Go to the secret formula!" Squidward said then went back to his "scheduled nap."

So Spongebob walked into Mr Krabs office and opened the Formula Latch.

"Where is it? WHERE IS IT???" Spongebob cried out again, and yes, went into his extreme panic mode.

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